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Unigrout Flatbed M2 S in underground mine, left rear view, male operator

The next-level grouting solution with full connectivity and control

Unigrout Flatbed M2 S is the latest addition to Epiroc’s grouting offerings, which continues to be the first choice in injection grouting in civil construction. The unit is built with accessibility in mind, featuring a new design with functions adapted to your needs, ensuring smoother operations. Additionally, with a strong focus on productivity and digitalization, Unigrout Flatbed M2 S optimizes the entire grouting process.


The built-in touch screen on the Unigrout Flatbed M2 S enable the operator to control the main functions and access data for full reporting. Positioned in the centralized operating area, the touch screen offers enhanced functionality and is easy to use. This setup facilitates a safer working environment by providing improved control and an overview of the entire grouting process.

Well-known mechanics

This grouting rig is equipped with the double-acting Pumpac and two mixers with Epiroc’s well-known mixer design, to ensure state of the art functionality and desirable results in every grouting operation.

Packers and accessories

Packers are a crucial part of a total grouting solution, from grouting works to water tests. We offer a wide range of packers along with the essential accessories to adapt to all different operations.


Unigrout Flatbed M2 S