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Insersa acquires first Diamec Smart 6M rig in Europe

November 20, 2023

After 6 months of exploration work with the new Diamec Smart 6M model, Insersa has achieved very positive results, showing significant improvement in terms of cost efficiency and safety.

Insersa and Epiroc, partners in productivity

The Magdalena Mine is in the municipality of Almonaster la Real (Huelva province), within the Iberian Pyrite Belt. This minining district extends more than 250 kilometers southwest of the Iberian peninsula and has one of the highest concentrations of sulfides worldwide.  This mine operation started in 2014. Underground exploration work is carried out via two access ramps, working through primary and secondary chambers.
Diamec Smart 6M outside in Spain

Our client, Insersa, has been carrying out exploration work at this mine with Epiroc equipment since its opening. The relationship with the company goes back many years when Epiroc operated as Atlas Copco. Insersa is an outstanding company with one of the longest histories in the exploration sector in the Iberian Peninsula. It has a presences in countries such as Portugal, France, Chile and Panama.

Due to the company's leadership position and innovative vision, it is no surprise that it was the first to choose the Diamec Smart 6M rig for work in Europe, and is the first company to receive this CE-certified model. After several months operating with the team, we can say that the customer is very satisfied with the rig, and that the initial investment has clearly resulted in increased productivity, as well as enabling safer operations, which is a top priority for Insersa.

Diamec Smart 6M, precision and mobility in a single rig

One of the key points to leading to the selection of this rig was its mobility and faster set up. The standard skid-mounted Diamec rigs already features an advanced design, but the Diamec Smart 6M further enhances this by complementing it with significant advances in mobility. The rig is equipped with the popular Boomer S2 carrier, with well proven efficiency. The time wasted between holes is reduced thanks to fast and safe positioning.

"The Diamec Smart 6M core drilling rig offers incomparable productivity in underground exploration. On one hand, we have the heightened efficiency of a Diamec core drilling rig and on the other, the mobility and stability of a carrier designed for underground use."

Francisco Javier Pérez Lira ,Head of Mining and Exploration Department at Insersa
This is because the Diamec Smart 6M rig makes the process of positioning the machine to start work much faster than with a skid-mounted rig. This applies even in operations, which present the most challenging angles. The articulated chassis allows the drill to be positioned in difficult locations and the maneuverability of the boom allows drilling in the precise location required.
Diamec Smart 6M from the side

Ergonomics and safety first

On Diamec Smart rigs, controls are layed-out in an intuitive way to facilitate its use to the driller. The lightweight control panel can be positioned inside or outside the cabin so the driller is able to choose the best place to work. The cabin is FOPS and ROPS certified, offering a safe and pleasant environment. These are the features that were taken into consideration when deciding on this equipment.


In addition, the Diamec Smart 6M has an advanced rig control system so it can operate automatically. Drilling parameters are set and monitored from the touch screen on the control panel. Automated features such as auto-drilling, can drastically improve bit life compared to manual drilling.


These are characteristics to which we pay close attention to, since they reduce the risk of core loss and drill deviation, which minimizes drilling errors and operator fatigue,” says Francisco Javier Perez Lira, Head of Mining and Exploration Department at Insera.

The Kick-off for the equipment at the Magdalena Mine took place last March, with a large team of professionals and technical staff from both Insersa and Epiroc, whose attention to detail ensured that the process was flawless. After overcoming a few challenges, which is normal when using a new piece of equipment, the overall result has been very positive. During these 6 months, the customer has been able to confirm that they have made their exploration work safer, faster and more cost-effective thanks to this innovative approach.
Diamec Smart 6M  with people

According to Francisco Javier Pérez Lira, Head of Mining and Exploration Department at Insersa:

"We are confident that the Diamec Smart 6M rig will partner us in many more jobs, helping us to get the best out of the ground!


We would like to thank Insersa for placing a high degree of confidence in Epiroc.

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