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Measure While Drilling

Visual and numerical analysis based on accurate data registering of the drilling process parameters for each hole. Used together with software Underground Manager and geological information to optimize drilling, charging and blasting plans.


Accurate evaluation of drilling parameters

in a given rock condition


with continuous improvement systems

Facilitates planning

of future operational tasks

Extraction of rock mass properties while drilling

Knowledge of characteristics of the rock mass surrounding the tunnel is essential to every worksite. It affects probe drilling, grouting rock reinforcement and last but not least safety. There are several methods to gain information, such as geological mapping, analysis of drill cuttings, diamond drilling, bore hole geophysics, single rock samples, visual hole inspection and MWD (Measure While Drilling).


The MWD technology consists of two separate processes: registration of data and evaluation/interpretation of data. The parameters recorded are:

• Penetration rate

• Percussive pressure

• Feed pressure

• Rotation pressure

• Rotation speed

• Damper pressure

• Flushing water pressure

• Flushing water flow

Measure While Drilling system from Epiroc

The solution from Epiroc consists of an MWD rig system with instrumentation and RAW data logging intergrated in the RCS (Rig Control System).


The software comes in two different versions:


Underground Manager Pro

• Store individual MWD logs

• Present individual MWD logs

• Document individual MWD logs


Underground Manager MWD

• Tunnel Manager Pro +

• Evaluate Rock Hardness index

• Evaluate Rock Fracturing index

• Present Tunnel Slicing

• Present Tunnel Mapping


Together with the rig system and the software, a requirement is also to use any of the Advanced Boom Control options, ABC Regular or ABC Total.

Measure While Drilling - a part of 6th Sense Insight

Data is key in our modern world. Today, massive data amounts are being generated in daily operations. It only turns into true value if retrieved, stored and analyzed in a timely manner.


6th Sense Insight is a product family that includes solutions for collecting, transferring, storing, visualizing and analyzing the data, transforming it into useful information for data based decision making. Read more about 6th Sense.

Why MWD?

For the contractor

• Knowledge of the properties of the surrounding rock is the basis for all tunnelling operations

• Rock properties influence the advance, safety and how to fulfil requirements

• Requirements from the community, especially in urban areas

• Water leakage, vibrations and noise must be limited

• Crack zones and weathered areas can cause extensive reinforcements, grouting and long stops

• MWD technology gives an objective and consistent mapping of the geology and the rock properties along the entire tunnel. This means that you are warned of abnormalities beforehand and can adapt to the actual conditions in the rock mass ahead

For the customer

• The tender documents specify the rock conditions

• Pre-investigation is often limited and the uncertainty can be considerable

• Rock conditions are often wrongly or not at all documented

• Influences the cost and schedule

• The MWD technology can significantly reduce the risks

For the authorities/consultants

• Extensive legislation, intensified in the future

• A sustainable environmental control is in focus

• Safety

• Disturbance of the surroundings

• Future demands require better documented knowledge of the rock characteristics