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Electric mining truck

The battery driven trucks are robust machines built for demanding underground applications. The trucks have been constructed with zero emissions in mind and battery power which leads to lower operational costs.

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Battery power gives supreme strength

Energy regeneration and the efficient drivetrain configuration will ensure low energy consumption and extend driving range. With the electric drive, Battery mine trucks will outperform diesel equivalents, especially on grade. 


Electric mining trucks are optimized for productivity in many ways. The drivetrain has been optimized to reduce losses and reduce the number of components. One high power electrical motor is connected to each axel. The electrical drivetrain provides unheard of speed on grades, both up and down the ramp. Hydraulic functions are powered from a separate auxiliary motor that delivers hydraulic power on-demand. Extended battery autonomy is achieved through energy regeneration and high energy density battery design.

Healthier working environment

This zero-emission machine helps to create a healthier work environment and lessens the environmental footprint

Lower operational costs

Zero-emissions means your needs for underground ventilation is minimized and reduced ventilation costs will equal a massive return on your investments

High capacity and productivity

Thanks to the highly efficient drive train, battery driven trucks hauls material faster than its diesel-driven counterparts

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Why go battery electric?

Except for new legislations, rules and standards, the reasons for going electric are many. Health and safety improvements are also obvious with less particulate matters and diesel fumes in the mines. In a bigger picture the environmental aspects with global warming is reason enough.


We are leading the change towards sustainability in mining through battery electric,

zero-emission equipment. This contributes to a sustainable future and a smaller environmental

footprint. It is a power change that changes everything.

Easy maintenance

Safety, productivity and operator comfort is important. But so is service and maintenance to keep the truck up and running. There for our mine trucks has various smart service areas to make daily inspections easily made.