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Rotary drilling tools

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Our products are engineered and manufactured to the highest industry standards. Years of product testing and trials have resulted in a product offering that is simply unmatchable compared to everything else in the industry.

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Whether it is a single item you require, or a complete drill string solution, we are proud to be there for your needs and requirements.

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We offer a complete solution of rotary tools for todays productivity demands.

Top of the line tools and equipment

V-LOK clamp system

We are excited to introduce a revolutionary new product from Epiroc – the V-LOK™ clamp system.

V-LOK™ eliminates welding, grinding and the need for a hot permit. No more endless hours waiting for a welder with a permit, no more damage to shock sub housings or top subs from removing weld tabs. Just use V-LOK™.


Rotary bits – For today's productivity demands

Rotary pipe products

Secoroc PARD system – a boost for rotary drilling

Percussive Assisted Rotary Drilling – PARD

Simply defined, PARD is the next viable choice to drilling faster and more efficiently. Other benefits include straighter drill holes, easier hole collaring and increased productivity. This is achieved through increased penetration rates which lower the total cost of drilling (TCD).

Adapted to standard blasthole drill rigs

The system can be adapted to standard blasthole drill rigs and drill strings. The result? A combination of percussive power and rotational force that increases ROP significantly.

Easy to install and operate

Installing the Secoroc PARD system is easily adaptable and reversable to existing drilling operations. The simple installation means adding an oiler and a starter drill pipe. Once the correct starter drill pipe, hammer and bit are in place, it's a matter of simply adjusting the airflow to set the frequency and you are ready to drill. It was also discovered that the PARD system makes collaring easier and drilling more stable!

Horizontal Directional Drilling