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Drilling with HRD100 hand held rock drill

Hand held rock drills

HRD100 - Hydraulic rock drill

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Handheld rock drilling equipment for mining

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Rock drilling is a tough job. And it gets ever more demanding. We want to make your job easier as you go deeper. We have the hand held rock drilling equipment that you need!

Your job is an inspiration to us. By understanding your working conditions and the demands that you live up to every day, we can create tools that help you work faster and safer.


The HRD system consists of hand held rock drill, power pack and a selection of pusher legs. Together they have two missions:


The first is to provide hydraulic drilling that helps you exceed your production targets in a safe way. Thanks to the hydraulic system you don’t have to worry about loosing production time due to poor air pressure at large depths. We have also gone out of our way to design a system that helps you avoid heavy lifting and wasting precious energy.


The second mission is to provide good value for money, over a long period of time. To succeed we only use the best parts and materials available and combine them with active security systems that protect both you and the equipment. That’s the only way to do it.


After all, your business is our business.

The RD100 is designed to let you work

Fast and at low cost per metre drilled. Concentrate on the rock and we’ll keep you on a roll. No matter the rock type.
You need a rock drill that lets you focus on drilling accurate blow and support holes. Fast and safe. The RD100 has a soft start function that is easy to reach with one hand. This means you can work with more precision, and collaring is made especially easy. When it’s time to go faster, the RD100 is one of the most powerful drills on the market. The hydraulic system has an increased drill rate compared to electrical systems, and is considerably more energy efficient than pneumatic drills. And it saves your hearing as well. Perceived noise is about 50 percent lower than that of a pneumatic drill. Quality drilling means using just enough water for flushing. The RD100 has a five-step water adjustment to help you use the right amount of water for each step. And when you stop drilling, the flow stops automatically. Of course, you still have the ability to force feed water to flush out the drill if it is jammed. A polyurethane cover provides vibration damping and strength. The RD100 is tested to withstand both heavy handling and drops from more than one metre.

Power up with PP100

To stay focused you need to stay energetic. The PP100 saves your back, your time and your money.
The PP100 has been designed to keep weight down to make lifting and moving the power pack easier. Thanks to less weight you can spend more of your time and energy on drilling. We have also made it as compact as possible to give you more cargo space. The PP100 is even stackable and can be handled upside down. And when you start it up, the power pack basically manages itself. It has smart functions that monitor oil flow and oil temperature and help you prevent breakdown from overheating. The power pack is equipped with water cooling and automatic overheat protection. Oil volume can change with temperature and ambient pressure. Electronics in the PP100 monitor oil volume and compensate for pressure differences and changes in the surrounding environment – ensuring it stays within the right range. The same technology allows you to work with the PP100 in a 45° angle, without power loss. And if you need a boost, we provide simple tools that let you refill hydraulic oil underground in the mine.

Water powered support with pusher leg PL100

The legs are powered by the same water that cools the power pack and is used for flushing.
All our pusher legs of the PL100’s are connected to the rock drill via a single port connection. The support legs are suited for narrow mining and made for rough use. The teeth are made from tungsten carbide steel which is much stiffer and harder than ordinary steel. A robust handle makes it easy to carry. 
When it comes to world-class rock drilling tools, you need to look no further than Epiroc. Our products are top-of-the-line. Guaranteed.

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HRD100 - Drilling


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