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Reman Program work area

Improved component design and increased service life

The Reman Program is an alternative to new components, local service exchange programs and repair and return service. It is an exchange-related sales transaction whereby the customer is required to return a used core to the local Epiroc company in exchange for a remanufactured component. 


The Reman Program can play a key role in making machine lifecycle costs competitive. The program offers customers a lower cost option to purchasing new components, while maintaining the highest availability and reliability.


Reman Program components are upgraded in state-of-the-art purpose built facilities to include the latest OEM engineered improvements. Once remanufactured to the highest standards, components are custom tested to ensure the highest degree of product quality and longevity.


The Reman Program improves component design and increases service life by using the continuous improvement data feedback loop program on each used component to identify opportunities for improvement. Through this program, we achieve the desired result of improved component reliability and forecasted predictability, which results in custom component availability stocking.


We are continuously improving our service offering to meet the market demand, please contact your local Epiroc representative to find out what is available for your machine model on your market.


Reman solutions product group illustration