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With drill navigation accuracy to within +/– 50 millimeters, our satellite-guided Hole Navigation System (HNS) ensures the highest quality of drilled holes. At the same time, it makes your operation a great deal safer and easier.


There is no need to spend time manually marking holes. By being guided to the correct hole position, including angles and collaring position, the task of delivering high-quality results will be simplified.


The precision of HNS not only optimizes drilling and blasting results but also improves fragmentation and reduces the amount of explosives you’ll need. And last but not least, it will lower your overall production costs.

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The importance of drilling to the correct depth


HNS guides you to easy, precise and safe drilling.

A well-controlled process means less risk for flying rocks. It also eliminates the need for the operator/surveyor to mark the bench. This saves time as well as increases worksite safety.


HNS provides an exact placement of holes, hole angles, and depths. This delivers better blast results, better fragmentation, and improved load- ability with fewer explosives.


A more uniform drill pattern will result in a higher quality blast result that will deliver better fragmentation and minimizes the need for secondary breaking. Good fragmentation can increase crusher throughput by up to 30%.

HNS scenario ill
Drilling to the correct depth is automatic since the system has the end coordinates of the hole bottom.
The system guides the operator easily to the correct position of the chosen hole.
Satellite navigation systems have an +/-5 m accuracy which is far from acceptable for the mining industry
With the support of the base station the position accuracy is improved down to +/-50 mm

Always in pole position

The operator selects the hole to be drilled and trams to the correct collaring point using the Hole Navigation System. It doesn’t get easier than this. Yellow and green bars on the screen show in real time how to move to get to the correct collaring point.


This reduces operator error at collaring, when it is especially important to get the correct bottom coordinates of the drilled hole. Even a slight error can have major consequences in the end.