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Product description

Epiroc simulators are built from the engineering plans of the real machine. All programs and controls are real machine components, giving you the exact feeling of using actual Epiroc equipment. To create a realistic field of view, and a more immersive experience, the Epiroc simulator uses the same cab as with the real equipment. Inside the cab, there is a multiple LED screen system, displaying real-time simulation.

To take advantage of the current session, a large screen is mounted outside the cab, enabling a small group of operators to watch and learn. All functions, including the Epiroc Rig Control System (RCS) are fully functional, ensuring that the operators are well prepared for reality. The simulators include full documentation regarding manuals and quick start-up guides; they can also be remotely updated and fault diagnostics can be monitored over the internet.

This Simba simulator is designed with a number of training scenarios where you can increase your machine skills. The simulator has all original components and control systems integrated as on a real machine. The integrated RCS system functions just like the real machine giving you the opportunity to learn and use all the features with this advanced control system.

Available format: classroom trainer and full cabin

Boltec simulator