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Passionate People - Carol - Service Administrator

Our ethos of Collaboration - #EpirocforAllofUs

Carol - focus on customer service

Carol - working to fulfill a service order

Carol - Customer Service Administrator – Tools and Attachments

Epiroc UK & Ireland Ltd


What is your typical day at work?

My role is to look after spare parts, service and warranty for the Tools and Attachment Division. I have a number of core tasks to be completed each day which involve liaising with internal and external Epiroc colleagues, distributor and suppliers depending on the task. My first priority is to track all orders placed by customers via Epiroc Shop Online or direct with ourselves, review invoices generated overnight and emails sent to me directly. Any orders that are held in our ordering system (ECC) due to account queries ,  I discuss with our Credit Controller to check if the order can be released or not.


If I have a technical query or question from a customer I will contact our Service Manager for the information, if I have a delivery or stock question the Distribution Centre team at Essen provide the answers for the customer order.


If I have an issue with processing an order within ECC and my colleagues from our office do not have a solution I will contact the SAP Support & Business Process Team, who help me resolve any processing problems.


If requested by my Business Line Manager to order specific machines into the Hemel warehouse, I will use the forklift to offload the items, re-package as required and then re-load onto the arranged transport method to send to the customer.


I have a very varied job that involves communicating with a wide array of people in order to make sure we can provide the service and support for our longstanding and new customers.

What do you most enjoy in your role?

I like the fact that there are never 2 days the same.  As you can see from my typical day fulfilling the customers service and warranty orders is the priority but there can be challenges and issues to overcome in achieving this.  It is always satisfying to resolve any problems so that the customer can receive their order as expected and to continue to build on the strong relationships I have with them.

Carol - focus on customer service

Epiroc Hemel Hempstead premises

What has pushed you out of your comfort zone most recently at work?

Epiroc is a company that is always evolving, developing and changing. 

During the pandemic the way we are working has definitely changed but even though working remotely for long periods of time has not been something I am used to nor our Customer Service team. All the communication tools we have as a company has made this much easier to continue to fulfil orders and to incorporate our ethos of collaboration with colleagues and customers. With the technology innovations we have as a company we can share screens, chat individually or as a group, email even participate in a ‘Virtual Company Quiz’!


All these things have helped us as a team and we get on well so reach out to one another whenever we need to. This has been especially important when we are physically separate from one another at the moment.

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