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Utilizing the safe bolting function on a Boomer M-series Reloaded.

Reloaded! New Boomer M-series available worldwide

June 15, 2015

The medium sized, one or two-boom Boomer M-Series drill rigs from Atlas Copco have been favorite workhorses for many years in underground mining and tunneling. Now they are even more useful and efficient.

During a major upgrade earlier this year the series has been “reloaded” with a range of enhancements making the rigs stronger, cleaner, safer and easier to operate.

Stronger and more powerful

Johan Jonsson, Product Manager, explains: “The use of contractors in the mining industry is becoming increasingly common and these companies have told us they need extremely robust drill rigs for drilling in tougher environments, and preferably rigs that can be used for more than one application."

"These rigs are now much stronger and more powerful and can be used for face drilling as well as rock bolting."

Johan Jonsson, Product Manager at Atlas Copco
“In response, we have further developed the new Boomer M-series. These rigs are now much stronger and more powerful and can be used for face drilling as well as rock bolting.”

The design improvements include stronger booms, a new filtration system and increased safety features.

In field trials in Australia these enhancements have returned top ratings for productivity, longer service intervals and lower operating costs.

The new, stronger BUT 36S booms provide steadier articulation and faster, more accurate positioning. They also incorporate several new design features that help to extend the service intervals. The new filtration system keeps lubrication air and hydraulic oil free from water and fine particles. This improves the quality of the air and the oil, which, in turn, prolongs the life of the hydraulic components and the rock drills.

The rigs also offer increased safety. For example, the BUT 36S boom’s Safe Bolting configuration makes it possible to swing the feed all the way back to the cabin so that the operator can load it with bolts while standing on platforms on either side of the rig. This eliminates the need to work in front of the machine under unsupported roofs, substantially reducing the risk of injury from rockfall. Moreover, the spacious and comfortable cabin is now ROPS/FOPS certified.

The new Boomer M-series rigs are equipped with COP 1838HD+ rock drills and come with a robust hydraulic control system or, as an option, with the award winning, new generation Atlas Copco Rig Control System, RCS 5.

Epiroc operated under the trademark “Atlas Copco” prior to January 1, 2018.

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