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Ground support

Swellex spartan

Swellex Spartan is making it’s mark in the industry. The quality and reliability of theSwellex bolts is a well known fact. The Spartan has the same quality assurance asany other Swellex bolt on the market.The pull test results obtained at AYMAR, S.A.U. is evidence of that. The 6 % elongation that you get with the Spartanbolt, is all that was needed for AYMAR.

"Our intent is to include an additional phase consisting of the reinforcement of the walls and roof of the galleries, in areas where the security is not totally guaranteed. Previously there was no need for reinforcement as the rooms were very stable."

Lluis García ,Technical Director, AYMAR S.A.U.

What are we looking for in rock support

The safest reliable and cost efficient solution providing maximum quality and productivity. The viability and reliability of the rock bolts is a major component in choosing which product will meet the approval of the mine.


AYMAR, S.A.U. is a Company dedicated to the mining and treatment of white marble
aggregates with a wide history of 75 years. This company owns marble mines in Montseny Mountain and a treatment plant in Sant Celoni (Barcelona). It started as a family company with the philosophy of giving the maximun quality and productivity to its customers. This approach allowed the company to grow and expand into other areas such as building materials, chemical industry and paint.

The challenge ahead

One of the mines AYMAR owns is the XAUXA mine, located in the north of Barcelona in the Montseny mountain. First they used to extract the marble as an open pit mine. Today, with environmental conditions and regulations they operate underground mines with the so called rooms and pillar method.

Problematic areas

AYMAR intend to include an additional phase consisting in the reinforcement of the walls and roof of the galleries in those areas in which the security is not totally guaranteed. Previously, there was no need for reinforcing the walls or roofs as the layers of mineral had very good conditions and the rooms were very stable, without faults or discontinuities. But, in a very near future there will be layers affected by faults, blocks or simple breackages. For this reason, the decision was made to reinforce these problematic areas.

In conclusion

Ground support
With the tecnical support of Atlas Copco Spain’s aftermarket team, bolts were installed in a wall, with and without face plates. Satisfactory pull tests were conducted.

The results confirmed the efficiency of the Swellex rock reinforcement products. AYMAR S.A.U. decided that the Swellex bolts were the perfect solution for the mentionned conditions. “ This a case where the Swellex Spartan bolt truly shines, offering a very economical solution to challenging conditions with no compromise in performance or quality”said Chris Cranford, Product Line Manager, Rock Reinforcement.

Reinforcement of the walls and roof of the galleries areas affected by faults, blocks or simple breackages.
Our Solution
Swellex Spartan SP24, L= 3, 4 & 6m.
Results / Benefits
The efficiency, speed, economic approach using the Swellex Spartan series of rock bolts resulted in a high degree of customer satisfaction.

Epiroc operated under the trademark “Atlas Copco” prior to January 1, 2018.