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Modern technologies in Poland

October 26, 2018

MAXAM supplements its machinery park and optimises drilling and blasting works using the state-of-the-art Atlas Copco drill rigs equipped in HNS (Hole Navigation System).
In 2016, a significant progress took place in the technology of surface drilling of blast holes in Poland. Atlas Copco Poland has decided to present to its partners the latest available technological tophammer drill solutions. The next stage was importing of SmartROC T40 drill rig equipped in COP 2560+ drill, HNS (hole navigation system) and a remote control in order to carry out drilling tests for the largest of Polish drilling companies.
The purpose of these tests was to demonstrate that although the technological novelties offered by Atlas Copco mean higher initial investment costs, but also faster return on investment due to the improvement of quality and shortening the time of carried out works. They also give greater comfort of work to the operators and blast engineers. Modern equipment enables downloading of the data concerning the deviations of completed holes and the deposit type and quality on ongoing basis in order to use them for e.g. the optimisation of further mining plans.
One of the partners of Atlas Copco is MAXAM - the world leader in the production of explosives and the largest company on the market of drilling and blasting services in Poland. During a year, MAXAM drills about a million metres of blast holes in Poland. In 2016, the company had 19 Atlas Copco drill rigs and two rigs of other manufacturers. Their fleet is distributed across Poland and provides services to granite, dolomite, sandstone, basalt and melaphyre aggregate quarries, as well as the quarries of limestone for the production of cement and other components for construction chemicals production.
SmartROC T40 Maxam square
In Poland, depending on particular quarry, walls with thickness of 12 to 28 metres can be found, and the most popular hole diameters are 89, 95 and 102 mm.
Getting prepared to the purchase of new drill rigs, Maxam focused mainly on the possibility of reduction of the total operating costs, underrating at that stage of negotiations the concealed potential of the HNS system and its actual impact on costs. One of the granite quarries of Colas Poland in Rogoznica was selected for the performance of the tests.
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Epiroc operated under the name "Atlas Copco" until January 1, 2018.

Quarrying International SmartROC T45 Surface and Exploration Drilling division SmartROC T40 2017

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