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Increase your fleet efficiency with My Epiroc

My Epiroc is a new solution for the mining and infrastructure industry, a platform that will be available on web and mobile devices with attractive features for increasing fleet efficiency and safety. Customers of Epiroc Sweden have been pioneers in the development. In this interview Björn Axelsson, Business Line Manager at Epiroc Sweden gives his view on the process, the platform and the great potential.
Business Line Manager My Epiroc

Describe My Epiroc in one sentence!

My Epiroc is a portal where customers can manage their fleet, raise and track tickets, access Shop Online, DocMine and much more…


How will the platform make a difference in your operation?

My Epiroc will make the difference for us in becoming proactive within our service operations and it will act as a gateway to improved customer satisfaction - through quicker and more professional customer service in all parts of the organization.


Explain the process around the development of My Epiroc:

In the different development stages of My Epiroc, various stakeholders in our reference customers’ organizations have been involved. In the data gathering and design stage, the discussions were kept with central stakeholders such as fleet managers and the company owners themselves.  When launching the test version it transitioned into gathering feedback from end users such as operators and maintenance personnel within our customers’ organizations. The feedback received has then been considered and brought into the sprint planning process of the project and later implemented.


What differentiates My Epiroc compared to tools we have had in the past?

Firstly, My Epiroc will offer and enable full transparency for our customers on issues and fault reports that have been raised on their equipment. If the machine is connected with our telematics solution Certiq, the fault reports are automatically created for the customer as the problems arise. Secondly, the fault is registered either manually by the operator or automatically by Certiq, the customer’s fleet manager has full visibility of what’s going on with the equipment and can take actions accordingly. When needed, the fault can be escalated to us at Epiroc for further analysis and corrective support, which enables us and truly helps us in driving structure and efficiency. It also gives us more time to focus on our core activities and as an end result increase customer satisfaction and business results.


What is the main benefit with My Epiroc?

The transparency and simplicity that it creates, by enabling information overview as well as information to flow in a more seamless manner… and it really looks professional!


What development potential do you see with the tool?

Current developments will already be a huge step forward in our day-to-day operations within sales and customer service. However, I would consider the full potential realized once My Epiroc is integrated with a business system that includes planning tools for service operations in all sites combined with competency matrixes, technician profiles, etc. In other words, when a customer can raise a ticket or place an order that can easily be transferred to our business system, we get information from the customer or Certiq, a task is delivered to our technician who completes it, reports it and finally we invoice it – everything will end up in the My Epiroc portal. Seamless, transparent, professional! 



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