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Mining & Construction #2 2022

Automation on track

January 18, 2023

While construction work on the Rishikesh-Karnaprayag Railway Line in India is underway, Epiroc machines are creating tunneling wonders for Rail Vikas Nigam Ltd (RVNL).

Work on the 125-kilometer Rishikesh-Karnaprayag Railway Line in the Himalayas is in full swing. The greenfield project is divided into nine packages and has a total tunneling length of 218 kilometers. Complex tunneling works call for machinery such as drilling jumbos, loaders for loading the muck, and grouting equipment.


Here, Epiroc’s automated and semi-automated machines, not only the Boomer E2 but also the robust Boomer L2 and continuous loader Häggloader, are being used in seven packages, increasing efficiency on-site and reducing cycle time. For safety, the boomer sensors halt the machine as soon as they detect someone in front of the machine, eliminating accidents. Also, Epiroc’s Unigrout Smart M2 was specially designed to have double silos, including all the parts needed to automate the mixing and recording of the grouting result. Sumit Jain, Additional General Manager/Projects, Rishikesh Karnaprayag Project, elaborates.

Mining & Construction #2 2022

Sumit Jain, Additional General Manager/Projects, Rishikesh Karnaprayag Project

What has the Boomer E2 done for this project?

“The automated machine captures the parameters while drilling and predicts the upcoming geology. We have access to the rate of penetration, hardness of the rock, and the rotation and feet pressure required to drill through a particular stratum. While we do the advanced probe holes or face drilling holes, data is captured and we ascertain what lies ahead. We also analyze operator movement.”


What has it meant for operational productivity?

“Since the Boomer E2 records the drilling jumbo operations, we identify the real cause, eliminating any kind of disputes. Importantly, with precision drilling, the overbreaks have gone down and the mucking cycle time has been reduced.”


How about Epiroc’s complete fleet used in the project?

“The Unigrout Smart M2 is the first machine on this project. It gives a data log of the grout volumes, the pressure at which it goes inside the strata, and reduces trial-and-error time. Next, we use the continuous loader. The project has two parallel tunnels – the main and escape tunnels. While the escape tunnel dimensions are smaller, the continuous loader operates in small cross sections, yet maintains a high progress rate of mucking

out. We muck out at one-third of the time compared to the hydraulic excavators with short booms that were used earlier.”


Define your relationship with Epiroc.

“Epiroc is a one-stop-solution provider that supplies and provides guidance on machinery selection, too. It has multiple inventory centers along the project length, and the delivery lead times are minimal. This results in fewer breakdowns and higher machine productivity.”

Boomer E2
• RCS 5 Rig Control System – computerized, award-winning rig control system to ensure precision and productivity.
• ROPS and FOPS certified cabin.
• Auto Drilling with ABC Total option.
• Automatic navigation using automatic total station navigation.
• Automatic rod handling system (Auto RHS E) to efficiently drill grout holes up to 30 meters deep.
• Measure While Drilling (MWD).

2023 Boomer L2 Measure While Drilling Grouting equipment International Boomer E ABC Total Customer story