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Digitized quality assurance of drill holes

June 5, 2023

Forget pen and paper – there is a better way of logging drill holes for proper quality assurance. With Drill Tracker, information becomes available to everyone involved in real time. Customer Experience Manager Niklas Forsberg elaborates.

What is Drill Tracker?

Drill Tracker is a cloud-based solution that improves the quality of the drilling process and empowers the operators with digital drill plan sheets. The actual drill hole outcome is logged directly in their phone or tablet, and the information becomes available to anyone who needs to know the progress or the outcome in real-time. We developed this tool together with our customer Boliden, and we are now ready to offer more of our customers this add-on through the My Epiroc platform.”

How does this solution make it easier for Epiroc customers?

“The digital drill plan sheets facilitate communication between drill rig operators and the blasters. Traditionally, drill hole outcome is logged on a piece of paper. By digitizing this step, you get all data and deviations registered in one place, signed and ready. By using Drill Tracker, the drillers can focus on their actual job instead of chasing a piece of paper. Everyone on the team can follow the process, and the production planners benefit from being able to see whether the machines will be available on time or not."

What were the major development challenges?

“Because Drill Tracker is used in areas of the mine where connectivity is poor, we had to create a solution that worked great even offline. We also wanted it to be easy to get started. It’s actually no more difficult than downloading an app, creating an account and uploading the drill plan – and you’re up and running.” 

Drill Tracker in brief: 

  • Digital drill plan sheets and updates in the palm of your hand 
  • Increased quality assurance for your drilling process 
  • Real-time overview of the drilling progress 
  • Easy to use cloud-based app as an add-on to the My Epiroc platform 
  • Works great offline 
  • Compatible with Android, iOS, Windows and MacOS 
  • Launched 2021 for Boliden. From 2024 the solution will be available globally.

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