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Epiroc Powerbit X and Epiroc SR35

August 25, 2023

Accelerating development for Sargın in Eastern Türkiye's copper mines

In the verdant mountains of Eastern Türkiye, where valleys echo with the sound of flowing rivers, lies the copper mine Eti Bakır Murgul Mining Site where mining and construction contractor Sargın Insaat AS excavates underground preparation tunnels. As a contractor tasked with preparing the mine for production, Sargın Insaat AS faced the daunting challenge of abrasive, copper-rich rock formations. After testing numerous drill string configurations in their operation, they finally found a superior solution in the form of the Epiroc Powerbit X and the state-of-the-art Epiroc SR35 system, designed to outlast, outperform, and simplify operations compared to standard bits and systems.
A Scenic Challenge

"Operating in this awe-inspiring environment requires us to be innovative and efficient.

The frequent drill bit changes were a significant hurdle in our operations. We were intrigued by the potential of the Epiroc Powerbit X and the Epiroc SR35 system to address this issue."

Tayfun Erdoğan ,Technical Coordinator for Sargın Insaat AS

The Powerbit X and Epiroc SR35 Revolution


Sargın Insaat AS had previously been using regular rope thread system products from other suppliers. The introduction of the Epiroc Powerbit X, with its diamond-protected technology, and the Epiroc SR35 system promised to be the solution Sargın was looking for. Designed for longevity and efficiency, the Epiroc Powerbit X and Epiroc SR35 were put to the test in the hard rock conditions of the Eti Bakır Murgul mine.

"The results were nothing short of remarkable. The Powerbit X and Epiroc SR35 system drilled more meters per shift and lasted significantly longer than our previous equipment. It has significantly improved our drilling operations."

Fahri Kara ,Mine Operator for Sargın Insaat AS
Epiroc Powerbit X (on the left ) after 380 holes, Competitor bit (on the right) after 50 holes.

Boosting Productivity and Simplifying Logistics


The extended lifespan of the Epiroc Powerbit X and the Epiroc SR35 system has had a profound impact on productivity. Fewer bit changes mean more continuous drilling time, leading to a noticeable increase in the meters drilled per shift.

"The productivity gains have been substantial. But the benefits don't stop there. The longer lifespan of the Epiroc Powerbit X and the Epiroc SR35 system also simplifies our logistics. We need fewer deliveries, which is a significant advantage."

Hakan Diken ,Operational Manager for Sargın Insaat AS

"From a warehouse perspective, the Epiroc Powerbit X and the Epiroc SR35 system have made our lives easier. We're dealing with fewer deliveries and less stock, which has streamlined our operations. The consumption of bits has reduced by about 75%. This reduction equals to thousands of drill bits per year which needs to be handled throughout the operations."

Yüksel Çoban ,Warehouse Employee at Sargın Insaat AS

Accelerating Development and Enhancing System Performance


The implementation of the Epiroc Powerbit X and the Epiroc SR35 system has not only transformed the drilling operations, but also accelerated the overall development of the mine. 

"Our target was to complete the job by September. Now, with the current pace of development, we seem to be able to complete the job earlier than initially estimated. The Epiroc Powerbit X and the Epiroc SR35 system are enablers for our ambitious plans and development pace."

Hakan Diken ,Operational Manager for Sargın Insaat AS
Epiroc predicts that the use of this new system will have additional benefits to the rest of the string, including the rock drill and feed system. 

"We anticipate that the improved efficiency and reduced wear and tear from the Epiroc Powerbit X and Epiroc SR35 system will extend the service life of the rock drill and feed system, providing further benefits to our customers."

Murat Isgoren ,Epiroc Business Development Manager
The current pace is to advance 6 cuts per 24 hours. This means that Sargin Insaat AS have to fully complete the development cycle 3 times per day with 2 rounds completed per shift. 

"The Epiroc Powerbit X and the Epiroc SR35 system have been game-changers for Sargın. It's always rewarding to see our products making a real difference for our customers."

Aytek Turkay ,Epiroc Sales Engineer
On picture from left: Aytek Turkay, Ivan Hadjiev, Murat Isgoren and Jonas Falkeström.

For further information please contact:

Jonas Falkeström

Strategic Business Development Manager at Epiroc Rock Drilling Tools.

Email :

Sandra Almqvist

Project Manager – Brand Communication at Epiroc Rock Drilling Tools


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