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Jitendra Bhamare | Assembly Engineer

“A normal workday for me is filled with different activities; surprises, fun and many times challenges – which I love. Being faced with challenges pushes me out of my comfort zone, sharpens my skills and shifts the paradigm. It inspires me to make the impossible possible."

Assembly engineer Jitendra Bhamare ensures that the drill rigs in Nashik, India are assembled on time. Last year, he and his team reached the highest production level ever, but he already has his mind set on going further.


“As an assembly engineer, my daily work consists of production planning, material scheduling, quality issues, follow-ups and resource allocations. I am also part of a new product development team and our prime focus is on meeting monthly production targets, using optimal capacity and achieving higher efficiency", says Jitendra.


"There is a vast scope of creativity in my daily work. Fixture developments, process settings and building the competence in my team are some of the areas where I can use my creativity to execute day-to-day activities in a smoother and more effective way", he adds.

"The biggest challenge in my work is to achieve set monthly production targets. Customer needs are getting more demanding and production targets are growing. To tackle this challenge, we have implemented flow assembly in our production line. While working on a monthly production plan, we take into consideration the delivery schedule, our capacity and material inflow for the respective month. To maintain a smooth assembly work- flow, we make sure that the workload is distributed equally among all the assemblers. Our management has given us tremendous support in establishing this production flow assembly. It certainly contributed to us reaching the highest production of drill rigs from Product Company Nashik, compared to previous years", Jitendra adds.


However, I believe that records are meant to be broken, and with dedication and determination we will be aiming for even greater achievements in the coming years. I always accept new challenges and I am sure we will continue to achieve a world-class quality of rigs that are completely customer-oriented and value-adding for all the stakeholders of Epiroc”, he concludes.