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Tin Duong | System Developer

"I have had the opportunity to influence and develop. I want to come to work and meet my friends. The corporate culture here is excellent and may sound cliché, but I feel at home."

Tin Duong works as a System Developer, including Kubernetes and Azure DevOps. He explains that he works with the back end and the infrastructure in the cloud. His interest in computers has followed since childhood, but programming only became an interest during his university time.


"Technology is constantly changing, and we are moving more and more towards different Cloud Services. Being part of this journey has been interesting, and I have learned a lot. When I started, we were at the beginning of this shift, and most of it was fairly new. Then we worked with APIs, but now we have raised it to cloud solutions," says Tin.


"I applied to Epiroc because it is one of the larger companies, and it sounded like an interesting assignment. They were facing a revision of their infrastructure, and I wanted to be part of that journey. I felt that it seemed fun and exciting, plus that there are many opportunities within the company ", says Tin.


For Tin, belonging to a group that works towards the same goal is essential. He wants to get to know his colleagues and get close to them because one spends so much time at work.

In the future, he wants to continue to develop in what he does today and be part of a team that leads the technology development in the industry. He believes that if you are just driven and have ambitions, then the opportunities to develop within Epiroc are many and great. 


"I spend my spare time with my partner and our little boy of three years. I meet friends, play acoustic guitar, and practice Thai boxing, among other things. Of course, there is a lot of programming in my free time as well," concludes Tin.