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Welcome to Bauma, the world´s leading trade fair for construction machinery, building material and mining machines, construction vehicles and equipment.

Bauma – the heartbeat of our industry:
The 32nd edition of bauma takes place in Munich, Germany, from April 8-14, 2019.

Why visiting us – three good reasons


  • With Epiroc as your dedicated partner, you gain a passionate team that supports you in a sustainable, efficient and safe way. Get to know us!

  • No challenge is too big for our curiosity and persistence to increase your productivity. Our product innovations will be on display.

  • Lift your competitive advantage with our continuous drive to make good things better, from high-performance equipment and service excellence to building the mine of the future.

Information at a glance

  • Date April 8, 2019 - April 14, 2019
  • Location Munich
  • Country Germany
  • Venue Messe München
  • Booth FS 1208/1

Epiroc presents a new set of innovative and productive offers at Bauma

Demolition, recycling and rock excavation with hydraulic attachment tools

Pulverizer jaws for Combi Cutters
Epiroc introduces Pulverizer jaws for the CC 3100 Combi Cutter at Bauma, more models will follow during Q2 2019. Pulverizer jaws offer more applications with one cutter body, the utilization of the cutter is increased and rounds off the needs on smaller jobsites. Epiroc´s Coupling and Positioning System (CAPS) makes it easy to switch between the jaw types on site to suit the work at hand. The full jaw range consists of Universal (U) jaws, Steel Cutting (S) jaws and Pulverizer (P) jaws.
New Combi Cutter CC 1600
The new CC 1600 Combi Cutter model is designed for carriers in the 13-23 ton class. The stable cutter body features two powerful hydraulic cylinders with integrated speed valves for minimum cycle times and, in turn, minimum fuel consumption. Fully protected by piston rod guards, the cylinders deliver virtually constant closing force which remains high even when the jaws are almost closed. Two jaws moving independently eliminate displacement forces on the cutter and the carrier, ensuring controlled demolition of unstable concrete walls, regardless of which jaw attacks the material first.
Updated Multi Grapple range
By redesigning the MG multi grapple range to make it even more robust, we’re able to meet the increasing demands form customers even more, who face tougher jobsite conditions and higher utilization of grapples in their day-to-day work. The MG 1000 will be on display at Bauma and the entire range will be replaced step by step during Q2 and Q3. As a new option, to allow even better customization of the grapples, they can now be ordered with or without rotation device, to enable operation of the base units in combination with tiltrotators.
Transverse drum cutters with cutting wheel option
The new cutting wheel option is available for our ER/ERC 50 – ER/ERC 3000 transverse drum cutters. Precision is key when it comes to cutting narrow trenches for cables or pipes. Now trenches with a width of 55 - 250mm and a depth ranging from 150 mm (ER/ERC 50) up to 700 mm (ER/ERC 3000) can be cut in one go.

The latest in smart surface and underground mining at Bauma

Increase your fleet efficiency with My Epiroc
My Epiroc is a new total solution for the mining and infrastructure industry, a platform available on web and mobile devices with attractive new features for increasing fleet efficiency and safety. Whether you are a fleet manager focusing on uptime, an operator getting the job done out in the field, or a member of the service department staying on top of fleet performance, My Epiroc is made for you – to get your work done with speed and efficiency. So that you can focus on what’s important.
Surface and Exploration Drilling
The Surface and Exploration Drilling division will launch a new mining rig platform – a future-proof surface drill rig featuring our latest technology such as Auto FeedFold and improved fuel efficiency.
Optimal air quality with Serpent Automatic
Serpent Automatic is a smart, automatic solution that guarantees optimal air quality for a safer and healthier underground work environment. Epiroc now introduces several new upgrades which will help customers keep control over air quality and optimize running costs. Some of the new features include: vibration control, a safety feature avoiding risk for vibrations that can harm the fan station, master-slave function to operate a series of fans in a more secure way and active pressure- and flow measurement which gives actual performance data helping the user to foresee any future risks with bad air quality due to bad installation or air leakages.

At Bauma we are now launching the integration between Serpent Ventilation and Mobilaris MMI, which helps to increase safety and health for operators and improves energy efficiency for an underground tunnel or mine site. Mobilaris MMI can monitor ventilation components and installation as well as control the airflow based on sensor monitoring. In case of deviation, alarm will be visible in Mobilaris MMI.
Grouting made easier
Unigrout Flex, the ultimate ground treatment method to seal mines and tunnels, or to improve ground properties, will be on display at Bauma. With an improved option list and different stand-alone products, Epiroc now offers monitoring, controlling and utilization of the latest and greatest chemicals used in grouting, helping customers to increase productivity with external hardener injection and multihole grouting.
Next level precision spraying
The mobile and cost-effective concrete sprayer MEYCO ME5 is the ideal choice for civil tunneling projects with mid- to large openings. Thanks to the MEYCO Dosa system, customers get a highly accurate and flexible dosing adjustment that is always right on target. At Bauma, Epiroc will show several new upgrades to the ME5. Improvements that will help save money on reduced material costs.
Safety and productivity with mechanized pipe roofing
Epiroc launches a mechanized pipe roofing system, showcased at Bauma on the hydraulic face drill rig Boomer E2. The mechanized system is a major safety benefit, which eliminates manual handling of drill rods and umbrella pipes as it remotely controls the adding and retracing of pipes and rods from the service platform. By reducing manual work, safety is increased. The mechanical system also ensures improved productivity. With a great overview from the service platform, close to the actual work, the pipe roofing system will benefit the whole operation.
Leading the way to zero-emission
Epiroc leads the change towards sustainability in mining through battery electric, zero-emission equipment. The result is a safer and healthier underground working environment. After more than 60 000 operating hours, we have expanded our proven battery offering and zero-emission underground fleet with the second generation in rigs for face drilling, production drilling and rock reinforcement, loaders and mine trucks. Join us at Bauma to learn more about our zero-emission offering. A power change – that changes everything.
Mining intelligence
Mobilaris is a position-based decision support system that increases personnel safety and productivity. It can be used to track and find equipment, vehicles, personnel and oversee infrastructure in real-time 3D. Thanks to its open interface Mobilaris is also easy to integrate with other mining applications.
Additional flexibility for DM series drill rig with Epiroc’s Rig Control System (RCS) Lite
Epiroc has increased the technology capabilities of its DM series of drills with RCS Lite. The new version of the successful Rig Control System (RCS) boosts efficiency and productivity of models such as the DM30 II, DM45, DML, DM-75 and DM-M3 with three levels of software and hardware systems that will give the popular and long-running line of blasthole drilling rigs capabilities.
Powerbit Underground
The new Powerbit Underground drill bit range makes tophammer drilling faster than ever. Made of our hardest steel ever and featuring innovative button technology, Powerbit Underground offers a supreme penetration rate and many more meters before the first grind.
New improved COPROD head and bits
Epiroc introduces new COPROD head- and bit technology. The developments include a complete range of Powerbit drill bits, and a more effective head with fewer parts. For drillers, this means easier handling, better hole quality, increased penetration rates, lower fuel consumption and greatly improved productivity.
COP M6, COP M7 and COP M8 down-the-hole hammers
Epiroc launches a new series of down-the-hole hammers – COP M6, COP M7 and COP M8. Based on an upgraded technology concept, these hammers will allow miners to drill larger holes without the need for a larger rig. By simply replacing a few internal components, these hammers can also be adapted for use on different types of rigs.
New digital solutions bring life to consumables
Epiroc launches its “A bit smarter” concept, a set of digital solutions that turn consumables into smart, connected components using customer data and the latest wireless technologies. Check out Smart Consignment and Product Identification at Bauma.



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