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Scalable architecture allows the system to match your roadmap Interface points allow for drill OEMs to easily integrate.


Reduced learning curve with flexible and natural design for effective use and navigation. Value chain perspective for refined decision making.


Designed to be your primary drill fleet tool for all stakeholders. Detailed views capture valuable drilling insight in a digital environment.

Mobius for Drills

Mobius for Drills is designed to tie your value chain together through forward-thinking digitalization techniques and progressive robotics. Our mines are manufacturing environments full of complex and interrelated decisions made each day. We recognize these decisions are not easy to make with tools that only focus on individual layers of the value chain.


Insight is a product within the Mobius for Drills application. The system specifically focuses on providing leadership and operators tools to make quick and effective decisions for their drill fleet. Advanced digitalization techniques provide clear to understand dashboards and real-time awareness of the working fleet. 


The user interface is positioned to provide both day to day tactical decision making and more strategic future operational transitional decisions.  You’ll find the simple to understand interfaces provide the fuel for powerful decisions.

The Mobius Traffic Management System (TMS) platform is a command and control software system, which supports a broad spectrum of autonomy for mobile mining equipment. It supports teleoperation, semi and full autonomous modes and coversapplications from drill and blast through Autonomous Haulage Systems (AHS).


The Mobius Traffic Management System is developed and maintained by ASI Mining. ASI Mining’s majority parent, Autonomous Solutions, Inc has been a world leader in industrial automation since 2000.