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Boomer E2 in underground mine, rear view

Boomer Remote Observation

Enables the operator to monitor the drill rig remotely and supervise drilling during shift changes. When ABC Total is used during shift changes, the supervisor is able to remotely stop the drilling process in case of emergency.


Increased safety

Time saving

Increased productivity

Remote observation of the drill rig

Epiroc's Rig Control System RCS 5, together with ABC Total, utilizes the Boomer face drill rig to drill in automated mode according to the digital drill plan. With RRA (Rig Remote Access) and the Boomer Remote Observation option, the operator can supervise the drilling remotely, for example during shift changes or breaks. This increases productivity since the drilling can continue without stops. Safety is also increased since the operator can stop the drilling if needed, in case of an emergency.

Boomer Remote Observation - a part of 6th Sense Control

Automated and tele-remotely controlled operations can significantly increase productivity and improve safety at the same time. It can also increase consistency of daily operations, yet providing predictable results.


6th Sense Control is a product family that combines different features, functions and product packages allowing to improve process and machine control in a safe, consistent and reliable manner.  Read more about 6th Sense.

System overview

Prerequisites to run Boomer Remote Observation option

• Drill rig running RCS 5, Epiroc's Rig Control System

• ABC Total option

• RRA option (Rig Remote Access)



• Wireless LAN: safety module and ethernet switch

• Local/remote switch: for switching between rig/remote control, controlled from the cabin

• 2 x rugged video cameras

• Video encoder


Control room

• Video decoder

• Video display

• Operator panel

• Emergency stop button


The more difficult holes in the ring are manually drilled first. Less difficult holes are drilled in automated mode with ABC Total. Automated drilling is timed with the shift changes so that no stops in the drilling will occur. The automated drilling is monitored from the control room. The machine shuts down when finished.