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Two operators walking in backlight in front of Scooptram ST14 in underground mine. Deep automation

Collision Avoidance Interface

Collision Avoidance System (CAS) is a system which is able to detect objects in the collision risk area, evaluate the collision risk level and take interventional collision avoidance action. CAS Interface opens up the machines to install a full Collision Avoidance System.



Compliant with ISO standards

Open interface

Interface compatible with third parties Proximity Detection System

Material handling solution

Interface available for both loaders and trucks

What is CAS?

CAS is a system that detects people and/or machines. CAS alerts the operator or if required even takes actions through the control system of the machine to prevent accidents. This by automatically slowing down the speed or braking the machine to stand still. The system works based on that all machines and all persons in the mine are equipped with radio transmitters.

Adding technology to reduce risk

A CAS installation, at any mine site, is a joint venture between a supplier of a Proximity Detection System (PDS) and the mobile mining equipment OEMs (Epiroc and others) represented at the specific mine site.


Usually the mine site owner selects the PDS supplier to be used at the mine site. Furthermore equipment from different PDS suppliers are normally not compatible with each other, and hence all machinery at a mine site can use PDS equipment only from the PDS supplier selected by the mine owner.


The joint venture must always be govern by a System Integrator, the overall responsible party, to accomplish a complete CAS installation. Typically the mine site owner will take the role as the System Integrator.

Epiroc Collision Avoidance Interface - a part of 6th Sense Control

Automated and tele-remotely controlled operations can significantly increase productivity and improve safety at the same time. It can also increase consistency of daily operations, yet providing predictable results.


6th Sense Control is a product family that combines different features, functions and product packages allowing to improve process and machine control in a safe, consistent and reliable manner. Read more about 6th Sense.

Collision Avoidance System – definitions and system description

Read more about the Epiroc CAS functions in the technical specification.