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A pioneering drill rig for a pioneering customer

It takes courage and determination to be a leader. Uppländska Berg, a Swedish drill- and blast company, has both.

March 3, 2017

Recently, Atlas Copco introduced an updated version of the surface drill rig FlexiROC T30 R. The feature packed drill rig got the designation Construction Edition referring to its excellence in urban construction applications. The focus is on operator work environment and surrounding environment with features such as; silence kit, new dust collection system (DCT), bag handling system and water mist option.

The FlexiROC T30 R Construction Edition is the only drill rig in the world, in its class, that combine all these options and features. Uppländska Berg was the first company to take delivery of the drill rig and during a recent visit to Atlas Copco’s Surface and Exploration Drilling division in Örebro, they got the opportunity to familiarize themselves with the drill rig and to tour the facilities.

“For my part, it was the first time I visited the factory and it was interesting to see both our rigs on site as well as to learn about Atlas Copco’s plans for the future.” says Uppländska Berg’s CEO Robin Karlsson.

He continues: “It was also beneficial and important that we had the chance to directly address our thoughts and questions in terms of the machinery, which primarily focused on the working environment and the natural environment.”

The silence kit can reduce noise levels by as much as 10 dB which is significant when working in urban development. The new, high performance dust collection system (DCT) has an intelligent cleaning system that will secure suction capacity in all conditions. The system can also be equipped with a bag handling system that will further reduce dust levels. The water mist option will prevent dust from escaping into the air by binding it to water.

Uppländska Berg will use their two new FlexiROC T30 R drill rigs for contracts and projects in densely populated areas, where some of the rig’s most important new features will come in handy. The company is determined to improve their operators’ work environment and the surrounding environment without compromising profitability in operations. The FlexiROC T30 R Construction Edition is a big step for sustainable productivity.
Uppländska Berg with silence kit rig

Uppländska Berg with their Silence kit-equipped FlexiROC T30 R Construction Edition

For more information, please contact:

Marcus Leü, Global Product Manager
Mobile: +46 (0)72 725 98 35

Fredrik Ternström, Project Manager - Brand Communication
Mobile: +46 (0)19 670 7377

FlexiROC T30 R Construction Edition International FlexiROC T25 R Construction Edition Product 2017 Press release

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