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Epiroc - same products, same quality, new name

Back in January 2017, Atlas Copco announced that in 2018 the Group will split into two companies: Atlas Copco, which will focus on industrial customers; and Epiroc, focusing on customers involved in mining, infrastructure and natural resources. The separation will ensure that both Atlas Copco and Epiroc have the best growth opportunities in their respective market segments. The markets that Epiroc supply products to are the mining, infrastructure and civil engineering and they have different end markets and different demand patterns from the industrial customers. By separating the companies it will allow each business to focus and move quickly within each market.
The split is proceeding according to plan with Epiroc, still a subsidiary of Atlas Copco, already operating under its own brand and logo. Subject to approval by Atlas Copco shareholders in April 2018, Epiroc will become a company in its own right and is due to be listed on the Nasdaq Stockholm during June.
General Manager

"Epiroc is devoted to providing customers with products and services that enhance their productivity, energy efficiency, safety and ergonomics. The split will enable both groups to further strengthen our leading positions by delivering sustainable productivity solutions to all our customers. "

Petra Grandinson ,Epiroc UK & Ireland Limited’s first General Manager
In the UK & Ireland, the Epiroc organisation started operating as a separate legal entity in October 2017. With 60 sales and service employees and offices/workshops in Hemel Hempstead, Stirling, Scotland and Portlaoise, Ireland as well as the addition of our manufacturing Geotechnical Drilling Tools facility in Stirling with 20 members of staff.

Which products are Epiroc and which remain Atlas Copco?

Meyco ME3
The Epiroc products are hydraulic attachment tools, geotechnical and rock drilling tools, underground and surface mining equipment, sprayed concrete machines and their service. An example of some of the industrial products from Atlas Copco include mobile air compressors, generators, pumps, light towers, light construction and demolition tools, industrial assembly tools, the oil-lubricated and oil-free technologies.

Same products, factories and people, new name

Meyco ME3

Our Epiroc products will come from the same production, distribution and sales centres, distributors, internal and external staff as they did under the Atlas Copco name. The only difference is that the machines and spare parts will transition from Atlas Copco to Epiroc branding. The innovation and quality of our products will continue to be our driving force to best serve our customers. machines and spare parts will transition from Atlas Copco to Epiroc branding. The innovation and quality of our products will continue to be our driving force to best serve our customers.

What other implications will this restructuring have in the UK & Ireland?

Both locally and globally the separation gives Epiroc the opportunity to focus the business directly on our customers’ needs and the markets they serve. We have all the experience and innovation established through our 140 year history from Atlas Copco but have gained the ability to be more agile and adjust to our customer’s demands swiftly as an independent company. Our next significant milestone will start during April to June, subject to shareholder approval, is our introduction on the Nasdaq, Stockholm to complete our separation and new chapter.
Press release from Epiroc UK & Ireland Limited
For further information please contact:
Lucy Welsby – Communications Manager
+44 (0) 7971 650465 or +44 (0) 442 222367

Epiroc United Kingdom Press release 2018