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New distribution centre for hydraulic attachments opened

In December 2017 Epiroc is opening a new distribution centre for hydraulic attachments. From this time forward, the complete logistics of the Hydraulic Attachment Tools division will come from Essen, Germany.

25 people are employed in the new organisation, including 18 newly recruited employees. By summer 2018 around 30 people will be employed here.

More than 20,000 products, from the screw to the 10-ton hydraulic breaker, will be stocked on the 4,500 sqm area. Already in the first week of operation, 200 order items per day on average have left the new goods distribution centre.

“We only had a few months to set up the distribution centre”, explains Claus Thiel, who pulls all the strings as project manager. “This is not just a matter of shelves, spare parts and office space; it's also about IT solutions which link our global sites with our ERP system. For this we need the right employees. A project like this is only possible with the right people at the right location, and we have found them.”

As of 1st January 2018, the Hydraulic Attachment Tools division within Atlas Copco is part of Epiroc. According to planning, Atlas Copco will outsource this company in mid-2018. The division produces and sells attachments for excavators, for example hydraulic breakers, demolition crushers, pulverisers, bucket crushers, scrap cutters, grabbers and magnets.

The Hydraulic Attachment Tools division has been a technology leader for over 50 years. The hydraulic breaker was developed in 1963 by the German company Krupp Berco Bautechnik, which merged into Atlas Copco in 2002.

Today the product range covers 100 various hydraulic attachments and is structured in a way that customers always find the correct equipment for their specific application and the respective excavator. The division also produces the world's biggest series production hydraulic breaker - the HB 10000.

International Hydraulic attachment tools Press release 2018