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December 9, 2020

Marshalls plc reinvest in Epiroc breakers

On the back of excellent productivity and their proven low maintenance requirements, Marshalls plc has invested in the latest versions of Epiroc’s HB 3600 IPS and HB 4100 IPS hydraulic hammers. These breakers are replacing their Epiroc equivalents which have extracted over 2.5 million tons of the hardest sandstone in England over the last 5 years.

Marshalls plc, headquartered in Yorkshire, have once again chosen Epiroc hydraulic hammers to boost their breaking capacity. “We extract approximately 500,000 tonnes of rock each year using hydraulic breakers at Scout Moor Quarry in Lancashire.” Said Operations Manager David Smith. “With hydraulic breakers, the two key factors for us are productivity levels and reliability. We already have both an HB 3600 and an HB 4100, so we know from experience that Epiroc breakers come out top on both of these key factors.”.

Marshalls bought the new breakers from Trojan Plant Equipment Ltd, the Epiroc dealer for the North of England. “I have been extremely impressed by the professionalism and level of service provided by Lester Spencer and his team at Trojan, as they have ensured our existing breakers have kept delivering the required output despite some very tough working conditions.” said Mr Smith. He continued “When it came to selecting and ordering their replacements, Trojan have made the process simple and easy, right through to commissioning  them on site.”

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The key difference between the latest Epiroc breakers installed by Trojan, and the previous models that Marshalls have been using is the patented Intelligent Protection System (IPS) which simplifies the breaking process by automatically adapting the breaker’s operating behaviour to any working condition. Uptime is higher since, with its fully automated functionality, IPS requires no operator intervention or reaction and the working process is not interrupted.
Lester Spencer, MD of Trojan Plant, and David Smith, Operations Manager at Marshalls plc, alongside the new Epiroc HB 3600 and HB 4100

Lester Spencer, MD of Trojan Plant, and David Smith, Operations Manager at Marshalls plc, alongside the new Epiroc HB 3600 and HB 4100

The system permits more accurate and significantly faster positioning of the breaker, thanks to the centreing effect, and avoids blank firing that often results in tool damage. This also eliminates mechanical strain on the carrier and the life of all wear components is extended. The physical load on the operator is minimised as well.


Other considerations when selecting the breakers included their environmental impact. The power to weight ratio of Epiroc breakers enables Marshalls to use smaller breakers than those of other manufacturers, without reducing productivity, so increasing fuel efficiency and in turn the carbon footprint of the operation. Being super silenced as standard, Epiroc HB breakers reduce noise pollution. The on board lubricator can also be used with Epiroc’s bio chisel paste which is biodegradable.


Michael Watson, Sales Manager of Trojan Plant Equipment, said, “Although the pressure is always on, it is always a pleasure to deal with Marshalls. We are delighted that our and Epiroc’s track record in this toughest of quarries has led them to choose Epiroc breakers once again, supported by the team at Trojan Plant – of course.”.

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