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Epiroc launches ET51, a new tube drilling system

Epiroc is now launching a new tube drilling system – ET51. It replaces the previous T51 tube drilling system. This new system greatly outperforms traditional speed-rod systems and allows for straighter and deeper drilling. Unlike its predecessor, ET51 comes with only one tube type which simplifies procurement and management.

Straighter and deeper drilling

The ET51 tube drilling system allows for straighter and deeper drilling while vastly improving service life. The system’s capability of extremely straight drilling is the result of a new tube design, a stiffer drill string thanks to the shoulder drive, a new coupling geometry and greatly improved bending endurance resulting in up to twice the strength of our previous model T51.

The new system also means that the operator can drill deeper than before. Lighter tube ends, which also have an improved geometry, allow more energy to be transferred into the rock. The advantage increases with each tube in the drill string, reducing the rate of penetration loss per tube, adding up to considerably deeper holes.

"Our new tube drilling system really provides a significant advantage for the operator. Straighter and deeper drilling means improved productivity. This is further enhanced by fact that it comes with only one tube type making management and procurement a lot easier. It really is somewhat of a game changer."

Veselin Donchev, Global Product Manager, Epiroc Tools & Attachment Division

Longer service life and improved safety

Besides improving straightness, shoulder drive reduces tube wear. The new optimized coupling geometry, including patented threads, means less mechanical wear. Field tests have shown that ET51 provides up to 45% longer service life. This greatly improves personal safety for the operator through fewer shifts. Another aspect of longer service life is that there will be fewer tubes manufactured in total over time, which in turn reduces the outtake of raw material and less transportations.

"Sustainability and safety are important factors for us when developing new products and longer service life means less shifts which increases safety and improves our carbon footprint. It is a win-win for both us and our customers."

Veselin Donchev, Global Product Manager, Epiroc Tools & Attachment Division

For more information please contact:


Veselin Donchev
Global Product Manager, Epiroc Tools & Attachment Division
Phone: +46 223 461 08  


Johan Winlund
Communication Professional - External communication and product launches
Phone: +46 76 695 82 65


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