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Epiroc launches new Reman Center in Sudbury, Ontario (Canada) to support growing global Reman Program

September 21, 2021

As mining operations strive for longevity, the availability of reliable components is essential for equipment to meet, and surpass, expectations on site. If this goal can be achieved while also offering significant cost savings and a remanufactured component with a new lease on life – even better.

This approach to maximizing a component’s lifecycle potential is the inspiration behind Epiroc’s newest state‐of‐the‐art Reman Center, which now calls the mining hub of Sudbury, Ontario its home.


With similar Epiroc Reman facilities opening their doors across the globe, this Reman Center is a modern addition to the program, which manages the process of recycling components to the newest and latest specifications. This global program guarantees availability of components and offers an industry leading warranty to give customers added confidence in their component’s performance capabilities on site.


The Reman Program is designed to have a high level of interaction with customers and their machine operating fleet. It is a commitment to work together and achieve operational excellence through collaboration.


By working closely with customers and utilizing forecasting tools, the Reman Program takes a predictive approach and ensures components are accessible so they can meet the needs of each mine; the global supply chain keeps equipment flowing to customer sites right as they need it, ready to perform. The highly trained on‐site technicians routinely utilize modern testing equipment to ensure no fault goes unchecked and the component is remanufactured to its fullest potential.


Since the testing methods are the foundation of a successful rebuild, the Epiroc‐designed test bench uses engineered program tests to confirm the product quality is able to meet or surpass the strictest of standards.


Managing the cores is a key element of the program and utilizing Core Notification Management Systems ensure this part of the process flows seamlessly.


“This investment into new facilities in Tucson, Arizona (USA) and Sudbury, Ontario (Canada) combined with the launch of our new Reman Program will allow us to support the mining industry with much more than just traditional powertrain components,” says Jess Kindler, President Epiroc’s Parts & Services division. “The program sets the highest quality and performance standards with continuous lifecycle improvements, delivery and reliability through our interactive forecasting system and an industry leading recycling and remanufacturing strategy.”


As part of the launch of the Reman Center in Sudbury, Epiroc is offering customers a chance to take a virtual tour of the brand new facility and see the Reman process in action! A wide range of prizes will be available throughout the tour – find the hidden tag and drop in your details for a chance to win a range of great prizes!


To learn more about the Reman Program and to take the tour of the Reman Center, please visit


For further information please contact:


Danila Praporschikov

Global Product Manager - Reman Components

Epiroc Parts & Services division
+46 (0)72 366 30 36


Andre Bertrand

Global Project Manager – Reman Components
Epiroc Parts & Services division

+1 (416) 433 61 34


Hanna Håll, Global Communications and Brand Manager

Epiroc Parts & Services division

+46 (0)73 270 62 85



Epiroc’s Parts & Services division provides a complete range of services with the aim of maximizing customers’ productivity. The division focuses on spare parts supply, professional service, support solutions and training. It has distribution centers in China, Sweden and the United States, and is based in Sweden. 

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