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EPC-UK relocates Epiroc's Hillhead rig with Tarmac

FlexiROC D55 rig delivered directly from exhibition stand to one of Tarmac’s key quarries

The FlexiROC D55 was the main attraction on Epiroc's stand at Hillhead 2022

The FlexiROC D55 was the main attraction on Epiroc's stand at Hillhead 2022

Notwithstanding the high-pressure environment our industry must perform within at present, EPC-UK is prioritising its investment in reliable state-of-the-art equipment from trusted supply partners, so it’s ready to react to customer demand, rapidly and assuredly through challenging times.


Reflecting this approach is the company’s longstanding partnership with Epiroc, whose technically advanced machines form the majority of EPC-UK’s rig fleet, contributing to its drilling team’s consistent delivery of high-quality blasting processes.  A recently purchased and freshly liveried FlexiROC D55 rig drew the crowds last month on Epiroc’s Hillhead stand, and has, from its exhibition place at the Buxton quarry, been successfully relocated to a Tarmac assigned customer worksite. 

The right specification

Ben Coppock, general manager of blasting and explosives at EPC-UK (left), and Jason Reilly, area sales manager atEpiroc (right), next to the FlexiROC D55 rig

Ben Coppock, general manager of blasting and explosives at EPC-UK (left), and Jason Reilly, area sales manager atEpiroc (right), next to the FlexiROC D55 rig

The D55 rig is a versatile and efficient down-the-hole model, with an ideal specification to meet EPC-UK’s customer’s needs. Designed to keep production levels high and operating costs low, the rig’s precise drilling function and unique cylinder feeding system helps improve blasting operations, whilst its capacity to run at a lower rpm supports longer engine life and reduces fuel consumption. 

Investing in relationships

"We are not alone regarding the challenges faced by our industry at present, with the ripples affecting customers and suppliers alike. However, by working with reliable partners such as Epiroc, and continually investing in the latest equipment, we have an in-depth support network and the strength to react to customer demand, despite the obstacles. Supported by Epiroc’s supply, we’re able to ‘flex our fleet’ to meet the requirement, even against excessive lead times which have grown dramatically in the face of recent global conditions. Drawing on the mutual importance placed on Safety, Passion, Integrity, Respect, Innovation and Teamwork, so integral to EPC-UK’s SPIRIT values, we’ve worked in partnership to equip our customers with the machinery and service needed to keep operations moving, no matter what unanticipated circumstances may bring."

Ben Coppock , General Manager Blasting and Explosives at EPC-UK

"Working in partnership with the team at EPC-UK enables us to understand some of the challenges they face. We can then offer support to maximise performance using the latest drilling technology and demonstrate how this has been used to deliver savings elsewhere."

Jason Reilly , Area Sales Manager for Epiroc UK & Ireland Ltd

"Delivering our most recent D55 fleet addition directly from the Epiroc Hillhead stand to one of Tarmac’s strategically important quarry sites has been a true demonstration of our ability to provide equipment exactly where and when it’s needed. By being uniquely placed in the market, with the right machinery and capacity to extend lease times when required, we’re responding to what the operating environment demands of us right now, effectively, reliably and in successful partnership."

Ben Coppack

Straight to work - From Hillhead stand to quarry site

Now at one of Tarmac’s leading sites, where the need to meet production demand is critical, the Epiroc rig, which is the second such asset to be supplied, will improve drilling processes to maximise customer benefits.

"We have worked in collaboration with EPC-UK for several years and have confidence in the company’s service delivery. We can rely on the team to react to issues, enable the right logistics and install the most capable equipment to get the job done, securing solutions for customers despite the challenges faced."

Robert Lees , Area Operations Manager for Tarmac

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