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Epiroc and BluVein enter into a Memorandum of Understanding to speed up the mining industry’s shift to the mine of the future

April 12, 2022

Electrification solutions from Epiroc support mining customers in their transformation towards using Battery Electric Vehicles (BEV). To further strengthen this approach the company has agreed to form a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with BluVein, a joint venture between Australian mining innovator Olitek and Swedish electric highways developer Evias.

The purpose of the MOU is to fast-track development of the BluVein dynamic charging solution towards an industrialized and robust solution which is ready for deployment across the global mining industry. The MOU is focused on the BluVein Underground solution (BluVein1).


“The collaboration with BluVein gives us the opportunity to extend the focus beyond our own fleet and produce a dynamic charging solution which suits the needs of mixed fleet customers. I also believe this has potential to be vital for the electrical infrastructure required to fully electrify mine operations.”, says Jess Kindler, Divisional President of the Parts & Services division in Epiroc.


A unique solution


Epiroc will collaborate with BluVein in developing and testing the viability of their patented slotted (electric) rail system. This system uses an enclosed electrified e-rail system mounted above or beside the mining vehicle together with the BluVein hammer that connects the electric vehicle to the rail. The system provides power for driving the vehicle, typically a mine truck, and charging the truck’s batteries whilst the truck is hauling load up the ramp and out of an underground mine. Epiroc will as part of its contribution to the collaboration provide the first ever diesel to battery converted Minetruck MT42 underground truck for pilot testing on the slotted electric rail system from BluVein.


“Having Epiroc collaborating in BluVein product development and testing shifts us to having an industry-ready solution sooner. Epiroc brings not just a globally respected reputation for mining equipment but also a long-established aftermarket support network which is essential to the successful transformation of the industry towards electrification”, says James Oliver, Managing Director of BluVein.


For further information please contact:


Jess Kindler

Divisional President

Epiroc Parts & Services division

+46 (0)72 145 34 14


Peter Strimaitis

Vice President Acquisitions

Epiroc Parts & Services division

+61 (0)44 897 07 80


Hanna Håll

Global Communications and Brand Manager

Epiroc Parts & Services division

+46 (0)73 270 62 85



Epiroc’s Parts & Services division provides a complete range of services with the aim of maximizing customers’ productivity. The division focuses on spare parts supply, professional service, support solutions and training. It has distribution centers in China, Sweden and the United States, and is based in Sweden.


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