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LKAB partners with Epiroc to increase safety with digital solutions

December 20, 2022

LKAB is now further increasing its safety capabilities by implementing several products from the Mobilaris Mining Intelligence platform in its mine in Kiruna. In an emergency, the situation can be handled from a central location both faster and more safely. All employees will be able to receive alarm and crisis information and can confirm directly on their mobile phones. They can also get position support and the ability to navigate faster to rescue chambers with the help of applications on their mobile phones. 
Thanks to new technology from Epiroc that is reusing the already existing infrastructure, rescue personnel will have the tools and means to manage emergencies better and faster. Personnel will be notified using mobile solutions.  

"We want to shorten the time from when an alarm goes off to when everyone is safe, and we believe this digital solution can help us with that."

Joel Kangas , Kiruna Mine Manager at LKAB
"LKAB already has a high level of safety, but now there are new technologies, new opportunities, and they have the infrastructure required for this installation. This project will give everyone in the mine more information about the situation in real time," says Hans Wahlquist, Global Director of Product Management at Epiroc.

Using the latest technology to enhance safety capabilities

LKAB is setting a new world standard for mining where digitalization is an important step towards easier, safer, and more efficient work in the mine. The mobile-safety solution project is a collaboration between LKAB and Epiroc, involving both existing products from Epiroc and new development. The project began in the autumn of 2022 and the goal is to begin rolling out in the spring of 2023 at the Kiruna mine. 

"Collaborations with customers are crucial for finding innovative solutions. This project demonstrates the potential for digital transformation in the mining industry, bringing us one step closer to a smarter and more efficient future."

Andreas Ericson , General Manager Epiroc Mining Intelligence

The following four modules from the Mobilaris Mining Intelligence portfolio are included:

· Location of people with the ability to receive alarm and crisis messages on their mobile phones through Mobilaris Situational Awareness and Mobilaris Virtual Tag.

· Send out emergency messages and provide support for getting people to safety through Mobilaris Emergency Support.

· 3D map in vehicles for navigation assistance, increased traffic safety and the ability to quickly find the nearest rescue chamber through Mobilaris Onboard.

· 3D map on the employee's mobile phone for navigation assistance and the ability to quickly find the nearest rescue chamber through Mobilaris PocketMine.

For further information, please contact:

Hans Wahlquist

Global Director Product Management

Phone: +46 (0)70 580 66 09


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