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Epiroc launches new flagship construction drill rig SmartROC T25 R – a smart rig for smarter operators

May 24, 2023

Epiroc now launches a new surface flagship radio remote drill rig, SmartROC T25 R – on a whole new platform. The construction rig offers a number of valuable features such as an exceptional coverage area, excellent terrainability, application versatility and a smart Rig Control System (RCS) – which future-proofs digital functions and helps to reduce the rigs climate impact through fuel savings.
Epiroc now releases a new flagship radio remote drill rig, SmartROC T25 R. The new compact drill rig, developed for construction and quarrying, now enters the Epiroc SmartROC family, and will be the first one in its segment to do so – equipped with several valuable features and technologies. The Smart technology includes a smart RCS control system, providing the rig with the highest technology and automation level within its segment.
“We are really excited to present this construction drill rig to the market, a rig that´s built on a completely new platform. SmartROC T25 R has the possibility to lead the way within its segment, with its optimized coverage area, excellent terrainability, application versatility and the smart RCS control system. This rig can make a real difference for our customers’ productivity”, says Marcus Leü, Global Product Manager at Epiroc.

Excellent coverage area leads to high efficiency

The available boom options include a turning radius of either 45/45 or 90/90. This can be combined with a 5.5-or a 6.1-meter boom system, giving the new SmartROC T25 R coverage areas of 28 m² (45/45) and 45 m² (90/90) respectively. These features are matched with a rotation unit which provides 360° feed swing and a boom geometry that enables it to drill right next to the machine. This gives the SmartROC T25 R an excellent coverage area. The rig will have the highest efficiency in the segment thanks to its coverage area and stability.

Terrainability features which enhance safety and productivity

A low center of gravity, wide crawler spacing and a boom system with good maneuverability means the new SmartROC T25 has excellent terrainability. The well-balanced rig with enhanced stability delivers a safe work environment and improved productivity when the rig can tram more efficiently and therefore enable more drilling time.

Reducing the environmental footprint

In order to ensure that environmental impact is as low as possible, the rig utilizes a much reduced amount of hydraulic oil. Furthermore, fuel consumption is optimized thanks to the smart RCS control system. This not only helps to reduce the environmental footprint, but also contributes to a better work environment for the operator. Each of these improvements is a vital step forward on the path towards sustainable construction.

Valuable application versatility

The SmartROC T25 R offers valuable application versatility. The new 180° boom swing angle, which can be combined with a 360° feed swing angle device (hydraulic rollover), together with three different feed lengths, steel or rubber tracks and compact transport dimensions create possibilities for new drilling applications and new markets for the user.
“We have listened to our customers and developed a rig that will provide the operator with a wide range of valuable features. The SmartROC T25 R offers a service friendly design with easy access to important components. Fuel consumption has been optimized, and the rig is extremely powerful in relation to size, which allows for use in demanding applications in confined spaces. This rig is designed to be the obvious choice for operators within this segment, a rig that will make their working day a lot easier”, says Marcus Leü, Global Product Manager at Epiroc.

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For further information please contact:

Marcus Leü

Global Product Manager, Construction Drill Rigs, Epiroc Surface division

Phone: +46 (0) 72 725 98 35


Anna Dahlman Herrgård

Global Brand and Communication Manager, Epiroc Surface division

Phone: +46 (0) 73 326 73 82


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