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Epiroc surface drill rigs are compatible with HVO100

November 10, 2023

Epiroc surface drill rigs* are now verified to be compatible with HVO100 fuel. HVO100 leads to a substantial reduction of particulates and other harmful substances, including greenhouse gases. This reduces the impact on the environment. 

“Epiroc has ambitious sustainability targets for 2030, and we continuously strive to improve our offering by finding more sustainable solutions. The ability to use HVO100 in our surface drill rigs is an important step towards meeting these targets”, says Martin Johansson, Global Product Portfolio Manager, Epiroc Surface division.


HVO100 is a hydrotreated vegetable oil that reduces greenhouse gas emissions from diesel engines. It can be used both as an alternative fuel to diesel or be mixed with diesel. A diesel engine running on HVO100 produces up to 90% less harmful emissions, including greenhouse gases and particulates, when compared with one running on fossil-based diesel fuel.  

HVO 100 should be treated as diesel fuel, and it works the same way when it comes to service and installation. The current infrastructure for distribution is also similar to diesel, which makes the move to HVO100 a smoother process compared to alternative technical solutions.

Customers can start to use HVO100 in their rigs straight away. Technical data varies between models and engines. Epiroc will update all the manuals accordingly to clarify the exact impact.

"Just like Epiroc, many of our customers are focused on improving sustainability in their operations. With this news we are very pleased to be able to offer a solution which can be an important part of our customers transformation"

Martin Johansson ,Global Product Portfolio Manager, Epiroc

*The possibility to use HVO100 fuel is applicable to the following product families: SmartROC, FlexiROC, PowerROC, Christensen, Explorac and Boyles.


Contact your local Customer Center representative for information about compatibility with rigs already in the field.

HVO100 and SmartROC T25R

Press photo for downloading

Press release for downloading (PDF)

For further information please contact:

Martin Johansson

Global Product Portfoloi Manager

Phone: +46 72 545 8439


Anders Bromsjö

Project Manager - Brand Communication

Phone: +46 72 083 6011


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