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October 25, 2023

– Explorac RC30 Smart from Epiroc – pioneering reverse circulation drilling

Explorac RC30 Smart improves productivity and safety in exploration drilling operations. Highly automated, reliable and ready for the future.
“We have made improvements in functionality, automation and safety – continuing our commitment to be an industry leader in the development of technology advanced Reverse Circulation drilling products”, says David Benton, Global Product Manager at Epiroc Surface division. 
The new Explorac RC30 Smart is an automation-focused machine, with increased capabilities when it comes to both productivity and safety. By using the tried and tested RCS platform while combining advanced rod handling functionality, the Explorac RC30 Smart promises reliable operation and ensures unparalleled operator safety through the entire drilling process.

The Explorac RC30 Smart provides 30 tons of pullback in a compact package, providing sufficient capacity to take on deep work while not being excessive for shallower projects. The automated rod handling offers the capability for a single operator to effortlessly add and remove rods, freeing up drill crews to perform other tasks when tripping drill strings. Numerous smart features, including mast centralizers with variable grip force and an advanced breakout system with automatic application of thread grease, help optimize the life of drilling consumables and eliminates the need to go into hazardous areas, dramatically increase operator safety.


Another first is the utilization of a new software-based safety system. This system protects the operator and machine during autonomous operation.

" We have listened to the market and pushed to reach the high level of automation which drilling companies require. Drilling contracts today are more demanding than ever, both big and small contractors must meet a high safety level while maximizing the return on capital employed – automation simply makes sense. It removes personnel from dangerous environments, at the same time changing the game when it comes to operational efficiency and planning"

David Benton ,Global Product Manager, surface exploration drills,Surface division
The Explorac RC30 Smart not only improves operating performance and safety, but it has been designed in a manner that supports future scaling of rig features and functionality. As a result, the machine technology level can be developed over time. This ensures our customer’s keep pace with industry changes and get the highest possible return on their investment throughout the life of the machine. 
“Ultimately, we have made the investment at Epiroc to ensure that Explorac RC30 Smart meets the requirements for today’s drillers while providing a platform they can build on for tomorrow’s contracts", says David Benton.
Explorac RC30 Smart is available for orders in Australia effective immediately.
Explorac RC30 Smart

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For further information please contact:

David Benton

Global Product Manager, surface exploration drills, Surface division

Phone: + 1 469 847 2131


Anders Bromsjö

Project Manager - Brand Communication, Surface division

Phone: +46 72 083 6011


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Explorac RC30 Smart International 2023 Press release