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SmartROC T45 upgrade

February 24, 2023

Epiroc releases upgrade for surface drill rig SmartROC T45.
SmartROC T45 working in quarry

An upgrade is now released for the Epiroc tophammer surface drill rig SmartROC T45, further reducing emissions and boosting productivity while providing valuable data through Smart technology and enhanced automation. 

The updated model, optimized for quarrying and construction, includes several new features and options and will be available to order for all markets from May 2023.


The SmartROC T45 is designed for fuel efficiency and productivity. The larger capacity and performance of the rig allows for maximized production, and fuel costs are dramatically reduced through only using the energy needed for the work at hand. Furthermore, Epiroc’s Smart technology provides valuable data to help manage and optimize workflow — the SmartROC T45 includes digital features which help to ensure that drilling always goes as planned.


“Efficiency is at the heart of the SmartROC T45,” says Ulf Gyllander, Global Product Manager at Epiroc. “More uptime means more drilling and using less fuel equals further cost savings. The productivity comes not only from state-of-the-art equipment but also from the ergonomic design choices and the Smart technology that assist the operator every step of the way.”  


Productivity is boosted thanks to precise drilling and consistency in operations which delivers improved blast-results and further cost-savings all the way through operation. 


Minimized fuel consumption keeping the environmental impact as low as possible.

Epiroc SmartROC rigs offer the lowest fuel consumption in the market, and the SmartROC T45 is the most energy efficient rig in its class, thanks to the smart Rig Control System (RCS). This system constantly monitors compressor load and engine RPM to ensure no fuel is wasted and that environmental impact is kept to a minimum. 

Additionally, energy consumption is further reduced thanks to a hydraulic system which is optimized to deliver just the amount of oil needed. These features help reduce the environmental footprint and contributes to a better work environment for the operator. As always, Epiroc uses quality components which are common across many rigs thanks to a standardized platform. 


Epiroc puts safety first with enhanced automation.

The control system of the SmartROC T45 is based on a proven, intelligent design which presents information to the operator via an easy-to-use touchscreen interface. Enhanced automation helps achieve new levels in output, as a SmartROC does more of the work itself and reduces the demands placed on the operator.


“The intuitive SmartROC T45 is designed to dramatically reduce the risk of manual errors and human mistakes,” continues Ulf. “The operator enjoys assisted troubleshooting from the large touchscreen display, with monitored cables, sensors and modules. The FOPS and ROPS approved cabin offers excellent visibility. It is fitted with reliable LED lights. An expanded lighting kit option is available along with support for two cameras. As a result, not only is the risk of manual errors reduced, but downtime is kept to a minimum.”


The productivity is further enhanced with the intelligent drill rig architecture on Epiroc’s standardized platform and clever Smart options and features such as Hole Navigation System (HNS), Measure While Drilling (MWD) and ROC Manager. The result is excellence through precise drilling and consistent operation, resulting in improved blasting results.


The SmartROC T45 will be available to order for all markets from May 2023.




For further information, please contact:

Anna Dahlman Herrgård

Global Brand and Communication Manager, Epiroc Surface division

Phone:: +46 733 267 382


Ulf Gyllander

Global Product Manager, Tophammer Cab Machines, Epiroc Surface division

Phone:: +46 70 5485081


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