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Epiroc pushes towards an electric future with the appointment of an Adjunct Associate Professor at Chalmers University of Technology

February 7, 2024

Epiroc’s Senior Principal Engineer, Dr. Ritwik Majumder, is set to take up an additional role as an Adjunct Associate Professor at Chalmers University of Technology. The collaboration between Epiroc and Chalmers will play an important role in Epiroc’s transition to an electric future. 
“This collaboration will enable us to make better fact-based decisions. It will help ensure that what we develop today and subsequently put on the market tomorrow will provide our customers with the best possible total system solution", says Per Roos, Vice President Innovation & Technology at Epiroc. 
Dr. Ritwik Majumder’s expertise is within the field of Microgrids*. As an Adjunct Associate Professor within the Department of Energy and Environment at Chalmers, Dr. Majumder will identify future challenges, create new ideas and develop appropriate solutions.

"I will look into the complete electric infrastructure – and how we can improve and implement electrification around the whole mine in an efficient way"

Dr. Ritwik Majumder ,Senior Principal Engineer on Microgrids at Epiroc

Dr. Majumder will work as a bridge between the industry and academia, and his engagement will provide Chalmers with expertise in microgrids in mining and construction applications.

As an electric machine is dependent on the whole network, it’s important to not only develop and offer the future products, but also ensure that the whole infrastructure is working. Epiroc is therefore looking at the whole electrical chain.

Through Dr. Majumder and his position as Adjunct Associate Professor, we have the right expertise to continue developing solutions. His expertise in the area is well-known and he is considered to be one of our most excellent researchers in the fields of power systems, microgrids, control and operation. Together with Chalmers we can accelerate the green transition," says Anders Persson, Global Technology & Methods Manager at Epiroc.

Dr. Ritwik Majumder is currently working as Senior Principal Engineer on Microgrids in the Epiroc Innovation and Technology center in Bengaluru, India. In his position he is bridging the Epiroc electric rig development at Surface division and the Epiroc electric infrastructure solutions. The Innovation and Technology center is transforming as part of an Epiroc strategy to meet the future demands within this important area.

Within Epiroc we encourage employees to push boundaries. I see great potential in this collaboration, and hope that we can create opportunities for future recruitments based on our engagement at Chalmers", says Per Roos.

Epiroc has ambitious sustainability goals for 2030, which include halving the CO2 emissions from both operations and from sold products**. The aim is to offer a full range of underground equipment in emission-free versions by 2025, and surface equipment by 2030.

* A microgrid is a group of interconnected loads and distributed energy resources that acts as a single controllable entity with a controller.

** Compared to machines sold in 2019.

Dr. Ritwik Majumder

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Global Technology and Methods Manager

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Project Manager - Brand Communication

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