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Simba E70 S in underground mine
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The improved Simba E70 S continues to be the choice in medium to large sized drifts, with a hole range of 51 to 178 mm. The boom-mounted configuration makes for excellent flexibility while the automation features bring optimization opportunities. With a proposed step-by-step optimization program under the 6th Sense umbrella, it is the obvious next step towards automation.

Precise production drilling with higher consistency

The Simba E70 S is the latest upgrade in the Simba range with a clear focus on remote and autonomous control. Putting vehicle electrics under control systems enables a higher degree of machine automation. All improvements on the Simba E70 S aim towards autonomous operations.


Operator safety is always a top priority, and on the Simba E70 S this has been improved by a higher degree of automation. Live work around energized parts is minimized and the operator becomes more of a process operator.

Carrier Control System - enabler for automation

The entire machine is now managed via control systems, making all the automation features available to combine. When blended together, a higher percentage of tasks can be performed autonomously.

Quality boosting consumables

Powerbit X Front view
The Powerbit X drill bit range together with the newly developed ET-series tubes (Epiroc Tubes) highly contribute to increasing the overall hole quality and effectiveness. Straighter drilling, longer service life and easier service planning make the ET-series the obvious next step towards higher quality drilling.


Simba E70 S freecut, front left side view