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TH10 LM OBC waterwell drill rig

Product description

The TH10LM OBC is a hydraulically powered water well drill designed for air foam, mud rotary, and down-the-hole drilling. It can be combined with a choice of circulation system and drill pipe to enable drilling in semi-consolidated, consolidated formations using air, air foam, mud rotary, or DHD, depending upon the formation with suitable drilling accessories and tools.

Epiroc TH10 Lightweight water well rig has proven its performance for drilling shallow wells up to 200 m (650 ft) successfully for many years in various formations. 

The TH10 OBC features a simple, reliable power source and hydraulic system. The truck engine powers the drill hydraulics through PTO. The hydraulic rotary top-head drive generates a hefty torque for each class of drill in the range. The simplistic design of the driller's console allows the driller to quickly become familiar with this drilling rig. 


Main application area

Water well drilling

Drilling method

DTH - Rotary

Product family


Pulldown capacity

66,7 kN

Pullback capacity

111,2 kN

Rotary head torque

74 567 Nm


All dimensions are subject to change depending on the scope of supply. Product variations apply. See brochure for more information.