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TH5 water well drill rig

Product description

Truck mounted TH5

The Epiroc TH5 water well drill rig is ideal for remote waterwell projects in tight locations. Designed for mounting on a track, trailer or light commercial vehicle. The TH5 can drill in mud and DTH applications, to meet different formations that can be found while drilling to reach the ground water or aquifer.

Epiroc TH5 is smallest in the Lightweight water well rig range for drilling shallow wells up to 100 m (320 ft). It can be mounted on 4x2 truck or trailer. Perfectly designed module with its own powerpack the TH5 can be sold along with a truck or as a module for the customer to mount on the truck of their preference.


Epiroc lightweight water well drill rigs have been designed to withstand aggressive, rugged environments. Built to Epiroc's high standards with world renowned branded components our rigs have a history or longevity. 


Main application area

Water well drilling

Drilling method

DTH - Rotary

Product family


Pulldown capacity

1 360 kN

Pullback capacity

2 268 kN

Rotary head torque

900 Nm


All dimensions are subject to change depending on the scope of supply. Product variations apply. See brochure for more information.


Track mounted TH5

Easy to move

The major advantage of TH5 is its compact size and optimum design with self-powering on-board deck engine. This allows the drill to move in and around narrow roads to reach specific household drilling requirements. The track mounted TH5 is made up of rubber tracks that allows the drill to be moved on perfectly made lawns without spoiling them.


The track mounted TH5 can be operated by tethered remote control to have safer movement of the drill during tramming. For a longer distance it can be loaded on the back of a trailer and carried away.