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Valoria VA20 watwerwell drill rig

The new Valoria VA20 water well drill rig

Introducing the new Valoria VA20 water well drill - a modular drill rig that delivers flexibility and productivity with a low investment. The VA20 is designed to meet the changing demands of the market while continuing to reduce total cost of ownership.


Product description

The Valoria VA20 is a water well drill rig equipped with Epiroc's rugged rotary head with a single-hydraulic motor drive for rotary and DTH drilling. The VA20 can reach depths of up to 280 m (900 ft) and delivers hole diameters that range from 165 mm (6 ½ in) to 311 mm (12 ¼ in). 


The Valoria VA20 provides a unique level of flexibility to select a mounting preference to create the best configuration for the operation. Customers can purchase the VA20 along with an Epiroc truck, but they also have the ability to acquire it as a module to mount on the truck of their preference.


Offering 105.8 kN (23,800 lbf) of pullback force and 51.6 kN (11,600 lbf) of pulldown force and a cable feed system that can trip out of the hole at speeds around 58 m (185 ft) per minute, Epiroc's VA20 water well drill rig delivers a powerful performance.


Main application area

Water well drilling

Drilling method


Product family


Pulldown capacity

51,6 kN

Pullback capacity

105,8 kN

Rotary head torque

4 800 Nm


Product variations apply. See brochure for more information.


Valoria VA20 watwerwell drill rig