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Concrete Buster CB 7500 deconstruction application

When the demand is high

Our Concrete Busters are perfectly designed for primary demolition of wide reinforced concrete structures.
Due to their comparatively light weights CB Concrete Busters are effective choices for use  with high reach or long front carriers. For applications with highly abrasive material and low level of visibility of the product in operation. They are also suitable where noise is an issue and they can be used in residential areas where hydraulic breakers are not permitted.
As construction and demolition contractors worldwide have discovered, CB Concrete Busters with their wide jaw openings and high cracking forces, are ideal for demolishing thick foundation walls and they make light work of cracking girders and heavy concrete at extreme heights. 
Technical specifications

Carrier weight class ¹

70 t - 85 t

Service weight ²

7 400 kg

Product weight

6 750 kg

Cutting force - upper blades

960 t

Crushing force, jaw tip

190 t

Opening cycle

4,8 Seconds

Closing cycle

4,7 Seconds

Oil flow

550 l/min

Max. operating pressure

350 bar

Oil flow, rotation

50 l/min

Max operating pressure, rotation

115 bar

More information

Product picture CB 7500 with features

Concrete Buster CB 7500

360° endless hydraulic rotation allows optimal positioning and precise handing.
Full hydraulic cylinder protection thanks to the piston rod guards.
Product picture CB 7500 with features

CB 7500

Cutting blades are both replaceable and reversible.