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The Epiroc multitool with all the hydraulic attachment tools ranges

Hydraulic Attachment Tools

Check out our portfolio of high performance hydraulic attachment tools. Make your tool carrier a versatile and highly used machine with our breakers, cutters, pulverizers, magnets, grapples, bucket crushers etc.


A glossary of machines and methods

Excavator attachments today determin the versatility of your tool carrier. They have become an essential part of mechanised tasks in most applications.

They are assembled together with your carrier and adaptation components to form a highly productive working unit.

In this new guide you will find a glossary of machinery and methods used in the field. It covers carriers, attachment toos and adaptation possibilities, as well as related products. It is not limited to the Epiroc portfolio, other brands are also included. In the creation of this guide, many people and companies have kindly given us permission to use their images and content. We are greatful for all the cooperation - without it this guide would not have been possible.