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Conventional core drilling

A cost effective solution for core sampling.

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Conventional core drilling

Conventional drilling remains the most productive and cost efficient method in some applications, like short horizontal/uphole underground drilling and shallow surface site investigation and geotecnical projects.

Our premium tools

Always in our focus – highest quality and easy to use product design. Drillers can enjoy Epiroc's latest innovations in core drilling tools to boost productivity and stay on top of the competition race.

Leader in exploration

Epiroc is a leading supplier of exploration drilling tools and machinery with over 100 years of experience in the industry.

S Geobor – When the core matters

Epiroc's S Geobor, has become the choice for many international site investigation projects. Designed to provide the core quality samples you need from a wide variety of conditions and applications. Take a look at our video and discover what the system could offer you. S Geobor – for when it really matters.