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Reverse circulation

We offer a complete drill string.

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Made in the cradle of iron production

The down-the-hole product range comes from the land where iron production in Europe began. Iron has been produced in Fagersta, Sweden, since 700 A.D. That means we know steel! In Fagersta we pioneered the production of drilling tools by being the first company using tungsten carbide. We are proud to carry on this tradition and legacy!

One-stop-shop, a total solution

We offer a complete range of down-the-hole products including hammers, bits, pipes, adapters, reverse circulation products, breakout benches and grinding machines with consumables.

Competence – we know the drill

We have seen down-the-hole products being used in different applications all over the world; and we can assist not only with the complete drill string, but the knowledge to help our customers with their applications. We have the experience and expertise to offer a full "solution package" for our customers.

RC hammers

Our reverse circulation hammers are specifically designed for all kinds of exploration drilling (deep hole and in-pit grade control applications). Whether you are exploring potential sites or working an existing mine, our RC hammers will guarantee high performance, exceptional reliability and dependable support.
  • RC hammers are essentially the same as conventional DTH hammers, but with an inner-tube that runs through the centre of the entire hammer.
  • The cuttings are collected in the holes in the front of the bit and confined and transported in the inner-tube.
  • The flushing is in-between the splines of the bit and the chuck.
  • The inner-tube is a wearing component and is replaced easily through the top of the hammer.
  • In all Epiroc RC hammers the inner-tube assembly can be removed without removing the backhead.

Secoroc COP RC45

Atlas Copco 574-07,  Secoroc, Borrhammare RC 50

Smaller, lighter, faster

The Secoroc COP RC45 reverse circulation hammer features a revolutionary new design. It's 40 % shorter than the nearest competitor. And shorter means less weight. The COP RC45 is more than 30 % lighter than most hammers doing the same job.


High frequency

The COP RC45 has a unique air chamber design. Much smaller chambers build up pressure faster and makes the piston strike at a much faster rate. The result is marginally lower impact energy and leads to a great increase in power output and a sizeable improvement in penetration rate. 


Efficient sampling

The COP RC45 features our unique tube retention system. This makes it easy to service and replace tubes since you don't have to disassemble the hammer. This means minimum down-time and maximum time producing samples.

Secoroc COP RC45 HD

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Secoroc COP RC45 Disassembly and assembly


Secoroc RC50


Better performance

The Secoroc RC50's high frequency, together with a high mass piston, provides a high output of power, ensuring cutting edge performance and excellent rate of penetration. You can expect 15 to 20% higher penetration from the Secoroc RC50 series of hammers compared to equal RC hammers on the market.


Reliability you can trust

The Secoroc RC50 raises the standard by which all others are measured. Our hammers are known for their long-term, low-maintenance endurance.


Dependable support

Our reputation for reliability and support is known throughout the industry. You will receive comprehensive equipment training and fast response to problems when needed.

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Secoroc RC50 Disassembly


Secoroc RC50 Assembly