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Rockstop (2)

Product description

High Pressure Airpump designed to install mine support where compressed air is available.


These pumps are connected to a water supply hose and to a compressed air supply hose. An internal diaphragm is driven by the compressed air to intensify the water pressure on the downstream side of the pump to pressures of up to 30 MPa (4350 psi), dependant on the supply pressure of the compressed air.. The pump is controlled by operating the trigger on the Safety Pistol connected to the delivery hose. By squeezing the trigger the pump is activated and the pressurised water is delivered to the nozzle. When the trigger is released the pump is shut off and the pressure to the nozzle is released.


The High Pressure Airpump includes a Combi-Nozzle, which automatically adjusts the delivery pressure of the pump so that the same unit can be used to install Hydrabolts, X‑Pandabolts and Jackpots. 


A Handpump is available for the installation of Jackpots without the use of  compressed air.

Quick facts