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Product description

Potentia® Thixo is a two-component pumpable resin for the anchoring of rockbolts and cable bolts. The two component system is delivered by a pump unit and is injected through a nozzle. The mixed resin begins to gel immediately, setting into a strong solid mass with excellent mechanical properties. When injected through hollow rockbolts, the viscous mix fills the annular space between the bolt and the borehole in order to create a full column bond independent of the size of the hole. 


For support using cable bolts or solid bars, Potentia® Thixo can be pumped into the borehole through an injection pipe prior to insertion of the cable or bolt. The setting time is adjusted to achieve a longer open time, enabling installation of a cable or solid bolt into a pre-filled borehole. Once mixed, Potentia® Thixo is unaffected by water. The product is non-foaming and can even adhere to damp surfaces.


Potentia® Thixo is available in three different reaction times (Slow, Normal and Fast).


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