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Boltec M in underground mine, rear view

Product description

The HelixBolt is a resin anchored rockbolt with improved resin mixing capability for resin bolting applications using polyester resin capsules.


The HelixBolt is supplied with either a conventional 45° cropped tip, or a unique tri-lobe head designed for improved shredding of resin capsules, better centralizing of the installed bolt and improved end anchoring. The tri-lobe design dramatically increases the range of resin annulus into which HelixBolts can be installed offering the ability to optimize the design of resin bolting systems. The paddle configuration improves resin mixing and reduces gloving to maximize the anchoring strength of the bolt and enhance corrosion protection through centralization of the bolt within the resin.


The HelixBolt is available in both 18 mm and 20 mm diameter bar depending on requirements.