Hydraulic breaker SB tunnel version

Take these harsh conditons with our underground hydraulic breakers.


The SB tunnel version is perfectly adopted for scaling, wall & roof profiling and other tough underground jobs.

Technical specifications

Carrier weight class ¹

2,5 t - 6 t

Service weight ²

199 kg

Working tool diameter

65 mm

Working length of tool

330 mm

Hydraulic input power, max

13 kW

Oil flow

40 l/min - 70 l/min

Operating pressure

100 bar - 110 bar

Impact rate

1 250 blows/min - 1 700 blows/min

Sound power level, guaranteed ³

118 dB(A)
  1. Weights apply to standard carriers only. Any variances must be agreed with Epiroc and/or the carrer manufacturer prior to attachment. 
  2. Attachment with standard working tool & average-sized adapter plate. 
  3. EN ISO 3744 in accordance with directive 2000/14/EC

Full details of measurement are available in the safety and operating instructions

More information

Solid body breaker SB 202 T

SB 202 Tunnel

The special tool together with the front shield & dust cover minimizes dust intake.
The integrated pressure relief valve protects against overloads.
Underground light breaker SB 202 T

Tunnel version SB 202 T

Integrated nozzles for water spraying.
An exchangeable wear plate increases Solid Body lifetime.
Maintenance-free high-pressure accumulator with a patented diaphragm support delivers consistent performance and high reliability.

All you need to know about SB 202 Tunnel

Application examples