Epiroc Chisel Paste is a specially designed grease used for lubricating the wear bushings of hydraulic breakers. It prevents cold welding in the area of the bushings.

Standard greases (i.e, those used on excavator bearings) are not designed for the high temperatures that result from the friction between the working tool, bushings and retainer bars when the hydraulic breaker is in operation. They liquefy and disappear. Without greasing, the parts involved in the friction will suffer from accelerated wear.

Chisel Paste is a mineral-oil-based paste containing an aluminium content soap and solid lubricants (such as graphite and copper) with excellent release effect and ambient working temperature range from -20°C to 1100°C/(-4°F to 2012°F), suitable for applications both in cold weather and in high temperatures. High metal content acts ball bearing to minimize high-temperature friction between the surfaces in contact, resulting in less wear between the chisel, retainer bars and bushings. As a result, Epiroc Chisel Paste reduces the cost of operation by extending the lifetime of the wear parts and reducing the risk of working tool fractures.

Chisel paste 400g with working tools